Para Bellum

Para Bellum

The sizing chart for the shirts seem to show the same dimensions for both types. What am I missing here?

Can you be more specific? Which two types?

I click on tee. Classic and fitted appear to be the same sizes.

Either way it will not matter. I am as broad through the shoulders and chest as through the hips. These don’t look like my kind of shirts.

Love the design though. :+1:

For men’s, they are the same specs for the length and the underarm chest measurement, but they are cut differently

Not sure what that means. If someone is built like a boulder which one would be better? Classic or fitted?

The classic is your traditional tshirt. It has a loose fit. The sides are pretty much a straight line from the armpit to the botton.

A fitted tee will be tapered at chest and waist for a more form fitting shirt.

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