Patriot Pantry 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can

Patriot Pantry 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can

This is on here weekly it seems… do they know something we don’t?

Hrmmm …. seven packets of meals and 42 portions … (think think think think)
Houston, we have a problem.

These are not single-packaged portions, they are group portions. For me (and I am only speaking for myself, reflecting on my personal experience of backpacking for two weeks while living on these sort of things) is food for 4-5 people for 3 days at most, more likely 2 days, since I have a difficult time making it through the day only eating once per day and I tend to need a few calories during a crisis.

I would guess the meals would be used in the following way:

(8 Servings) Maple Grove Oatmeal
I’m guessing that there’d be no breakfast on day two unless I purposely only rehydrated half the packet on day 1…

(4 Servings) Traveler’s Stew
(4 Servings) Creamy Flavored Chicken Rice
(8 Servings) Mac & Cheese (never a fan of making this the main course, but judging by the size, I’m guessing that was their intent)

(10 Servings) Long Grain White Rice
(4 Servings) Homestyle Potato Soup
(4 Servings) Black Bean Soup

Rather than going in to a long discussion, I would hope the reader would simply take a few moments and think about how they actually imagine themselves using these meals and plan accordingly, because it is a sad moment when you realize you forgot to consider some important part of a plan, such as a packing a can opener, or that toilet paper is best kept dry.

Yes but we’re sworn to secrecy. :zipper_mouth_face:

7 days of food in a little box is more then some stock up for emergencies, just don’t forget to buy some of those MainStay water pouches (4.4oz ea) along with this little box so you got something to re-hydrate the meals with. I don’t get my undies in a bunch over the calories. You can run yourself crazy trying to menu plan, calorie count and portion, then ensure you have enough H20 along the trail or at your destination. Tastes for this brand is so/so. A little bland for my tastes but I always carry extra spices. But do yourself a favor. Go to some freeze-dried food sellers and buy some pouches of ground beef, beef or chicken cubes (yes, they are REAL meat and not that meat wanna-be (MVP). For the mac and cheese, I like tossing in some FAKE bacon bits, or it’s costly, pick up some REAL bacon in a can. Shelf life is 7-10 years and it’s REAL and very tasty IMO. Again, don’t forget the water or the ability to obtain/filter enough water to make these meals eatable.