Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto (5)

Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto 5-Pack
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2007 Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto
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We’ve seen the 2005 of this, and it was good. Curious to hear how this '07 compares.

Check out our tasting note through Cesare’s ct link.

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Cut and pasted from CT:

3/29/2014 - TRIFECTA WROTE:
Opened and poured a small glass to shoulder the bottle. Remaining set aside for slow ox over 4 hours. First pour: Nose has bright cherry, a hint of oak with some sweetness to it. Typically sensitive to oak, but this was restrained and well integrated on the nose adding an interesting element. Palate is flipping between red cherry and something darker, perhaps plum. Between light and medium body. Short finish, light to medium acid, not much tannin.

After 4 hour slow ox, decanted half the bottle for another hour. Paired well with homemade pasta and meatballs. Wine was light and vibrant and enhanced the tomato based sauce. On the finish there is a hint of some bitterness that leans toward sour blackberry. Not overpowering but not altogether pleasant either. The bitterness leans a bit green as well, perhaps stem tannin? Not sure if this was whole cluster. As time goes on the sour note is subsiding, but still there. Will see how this goes on day 2.

In general this is a solid table wine that goes well with food.

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We each were able to have a half glass on day 2. The finish improved and smoothed out considerably.
From what I have read on dolcetto, not much personal experience, it is typically an early maturing and drink young wine. I was having a hard time determining if this needed more time in the bottle or is a little past peak. Seems like the fruit would have been better a couple years ago, but the finish improved with time.

At $16 delivered this is a solid value, probably even more so if you are into Italian varietals.

That’s pretty consistent with my notes on the '05 from a year ago, sans psychedlic dream sequence prequel, right down to the (slightly) bitter end!

Description says “whole berry processed”. Unfamiliar with the term, I did some research and found the following on;

Whole Berry Fermentation:
As the name implies, in whole berry fermentation there are a certain percentage of whole berries and even clusters present during the initial stages of fermentation. The clusters are generally mixed with must and the must allowed to ferment. After a period of fermentation deemed optimal by the winemaker, the whole berry ferment is pressed which crushes the whole berries releasing additional berry components. The juice is then left to complete fermentation. This allows a slower rate of fermentation and better retention of berry characters in the wine.

So it would seem that it is basically a whole cluster method which imparts more berry character into the juice but with the apparent trade-off of also introducing some stem tannin.

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