Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto (6)

Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto 6-Pack
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2011 Pavi Dolcetto, Napa Valley

Quite enjoyed these in the past.
Just had an '05 last week that was doing quite well.

I agree, just have a few bottles of the '05 left after buying 6 cases of their aged Dolcetto. It’s been an excellent every day drinker.

glad you agree. this is very good QPR imo.

Quiet board today… Anyone else have any idea about these guys? I am on the edge, but not quite there yet.

One of the best QPR deals I’ve had on Woot. I kept one each of the 05, 06, 07, 08 and 09’s in the cellar out of 4 cases. Drank an 05 two weeks ago, it’s still doing fine.

A great daily drinker, glad to see it offered again!

Trying hard to justify a purchase after buying 3 cases of Wellington this week.

Different producer, different area but I found some Mandolino Dolcetto from 2010 that I had forgotten about in my stash recently and was pleasantly surprised that it was much better than when I first tried it a few years ago. Despite the delicate nature of this varietal, it seems to knit together nicely with a little bit of bottle age.

Excellent! Thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks :slight_smile:

Never had it (maybe I did in Italy - can’t remember) In for a case based on my trusted forum folks.

Hope the dolcetto’s are showing nicely for you.
I love them and they age beautifully. Always my go to and easy simple to pair or even chill sometimes. 11 is gorgeous firm yet subtle. we make our wines with passion and care. I think it shows in the bottle. a fun variety to enjoy and try.

Thanks for joining the discussion, Rob! We are excited to have Pavi wine back on Woot today.

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I received a bottle of this with a recent Napa Wine Company wine club shipment. Hadn’t opened it, so I just did.

In the glass, it looks like a Pinot Noir. Brickish red color and a little translucent. I get some cherry on the nose, but it’s restrained. Very nice.

Tasting, this is clearly a new world wine, and in a good way. Some Italian wines are a little too austere for my taste. This tastes like a prototypical Italian wine, but modified with a little more fruit. It’s definitely not over the top though.

I’d use this as an every-day drinker. I’d also pair it with duck or pork. I’m in for one.

SoCal splitz?

I still need to try some from that case in your northern storage :slight_smile:

Don’t know that any of these are up north…
Which storage?
PM or email…