Pavi Wines Dolcetto Vertical Case

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Could be a great holiday wine for under $9 shipped. Label looks good for bringing to holiday parties and occasions.

Community reviews aren’t bad. Most say these aren’t anywhere near past their prime:

In for one!

Great pizza and pasta wine for under $9. Still plenty of life left, if i had any room i be in for 2 but the fed-ex guy has been here every day this week.

Pavi Wines Napa Valley Dolcetto Vertical Case
$94.99 $324.00 71% off List Price
2005 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
2006 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
2007 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
2008 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
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hidden gem bought last time on whim as it was a NAPA wine did not disappoint – 2005 tannic dry – 2006 just right 07 and 08 meh – let them sit – in for 3 should go over well at hong kong wedding in a few months

Yep…Have not bought from Woot in a while…Prices have not been that great…

This looked like a good opportunity…

This is one of my best purchases for wine in memory from Woot…

Highly recommended if this one comes round the bend again…