Pavi Wines Dolcetto Vertical Case

Pavi Wines Napa Valley Dolcetto Vertical Case
$74.99 $324.00 77% off List Price
2005 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
2006 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
2007 Dolcetto, Napa Valley
2008 Dolcetto, Napa Valley

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I’ve had several cases of this, just drank a 2007 last week and enjoyed it. Nice price reduction too. In for 1.

Was a good buy @ $95 now its a gift at this price. Great pasta and pizza wine. Drank my last 05 on Christmas and it very good. In for only 1 because i have NO room. Would buy 3 and use as daily drinkers if i had the room.

If I was buying this would be an easy one to jump in on.

Are these a dry or a sweet wine?

Have purchased before and did again just now. Perfect everyday wine at this price. Have not noticed a whole lot of variation in the wines different years. Pretty consistent.

This looks like a good deal to stock up on daily drinkers before summertime zaps my buying prowess. Based on the nice reviews, kinda can’t turn it down for $6-ish/bottle. In for one.

Don’t have room, Don’t need it, Can’t pass up such a good deal. In for one!

No NH shipping…argh :frowning:

I needed to know too. The description sounds really good, but with a name like “dolcetto,” this no-nothing (and by that I mean myself) who hates sweet wine went in search.

Wikipedia says:
Dolcetto is a black Italian wine grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. The Italian word dolcetto means “little sweet one”, but it is not certain that the name originally carried any reference to the grape’s sugar levels: it is possible that it derives from the name of the hills where the vine is cultivated. In any case the wines produced are nearly always dry. They can be tannic and fruity with moderate, or decidedly low, levels of acidity and are typically meant to be consumed one to two years after release.

Next time this comes up they will be paying you to take them.

The wines are very dry in style and made in a style more conducive to aging than the typical Italian dolcetto. I got a case of these last time, and I was completely surprised how well these have stood up given their age. I found tossing it in the fridge for about 15 minutes and decanting (even the 2005!) helped even more. Definitely in for another. These are the best wines to take to a party. The label is classy, the wine is interesting and high quality, and the appellation is Napa. Can’t lose.

In for 3

Last Wooter to Woot:

Honestly at this price even if you stash a case away for use only in things like stew, bourguignon, etc you will be quite pleased. The last case I purchased definitely had at least a year or two of life left in it.

yea, this is a flat out screamer.

Such a dangerous statement, especially when I already was on the fence, and know where you reside.

Wine woot has let me down a couple times with wines that had “gone bad” so the vintages here make me nervous that I’m gonna uncork them and get the tell-tale vinegar stench of wine past its window. Someone, reassure me here! Cause it seems like a great price!

I bought two cases the last time this came up and its a great wine. One of my 05’s was a little too far past its prime but all the others have been enjoyable. These were a great deal at $95/case so at $75 this is a steal.

So, a great daily drinker for $6.33/bottle? In for three.

I picked this up last time it was offered and of the ten or so bottles we’ve had of it I only had one that was at all an issue and even then it wasn’t bad it was just past its prime.