Paww Wavesound3 BT Noise Canceling Headphones

WOOT…Is this the best you can do on price ? If so I think it would be in my best interest to pay just $5 more and order it directly from Paww ! Seems to me to be the better route to take knowing how hard it has been in the past to return something to you/Woot if there is some kind of problem with the product. Paww’s return policy looks like they are not a ‘‘You bought it now it’s your problem’’ seller. Please feel free to point out any pros and/or cons to buying a set of Paww Wavesound3 BT Noise Canceling Headphones from them vs. Woot.

I see $99 at Paww.

you sign up for their news letter and you get 10% off your first order and free shipping…knocks it down to approx. $90 vs Woots $79.99 plus $5 shipping = a penny shy of $85

Wasn’t trying to sound so harsh about Woots Return policy but this has been a sticking point everytime I have seen what I thought was a good deal on here and shared it with friends and this is usually the deal breaker that keeps them from buying from Woot. Things like shoes or boots that run small , or narrow etc. so there is a problem with fit but Woot doesn’t want them back.

It’s been our policy since 2004. We’re generally a closeout site and we don’t have the staff to test and check all returns to see if they’re resellable. It’s one of the ways that we can get the costs down.

We’re always relooking at our policies including this one.