Pet Food 'N Treats

Cat food? Seriously?

What? Cats need to eat too!

Great deal here…last time on WOOT I paid $29.00 for these…

The Dog Whisperer hydration pack should be able to strap onto the dog-if I’m taking that long of a trip, the dog is carrying her own supplies…just sayin’

dannnnggg, i always miss that dog indoor/outdoor drinking fountain. you guys must have only had like 2 of those

Possibly. We’ve sold them before so it was probably just remaining stock.

Yeah they do! I’m sad there’s no Greenie’s for cats, I missed out last time.

Oh well, I’m hoping there’s a next time. My cat loves them! :heart_eyes_cat:

We purchased the indoor/outdoor dog fountain for our cats!! THEY LOVE IT!! Def one of best purchases from woot

Is there free shipping on the dog treats? Otherwise they’re WAY above list price.

$5 shipping per cart order. Stuff your cart with as much as you want.

Hey woot!
Those bags of Purina One Beyond dry cat food you are offering were discontinued a couple of months ago by the manufacturer, and replaced by a new lineup of products just called “Purina Beyond” So…what are the expiration dates on the lot you have? Thanks!

I was not aware of that! Guess I’ve never bought two of anything here before. Thanks!

Got info: April 14, 2015