Pet Grooming

Some helpful information about clipper blades:

And a picture chart showing blades used in grooming a cocker spaniel:

Once the groomers find out these Osters are on Woot they will sell out. So get 'em before the word is out. Just sayin…

I wonder if these shampoos have a long shelf life. Several look to be a 12 to 1 concentrate, so you’ll wind up with 12 gallons of shampoo/conditioner. For my 18 pound terrier, that could be a lifetime supply, or I could just wash her a LOT more often.
Unsure she’d go along with that plan. Great price though!

I’m wondering if anyone can comment on these brands and types of shampoos and conditioners - if they’re recommended or unheard-of, etc. We have two large-breed dogs we usually take to a groomer, but that’s pricey.

The brand is Tomlyn. Not a big consumer brand, but your groomer’s familiar with them. Google 'em.

so you show a photo of a dog being bathed with a shower thingie hooked on a sink faucet…and then you don’t offer the shower thingie…smart, real smart

My groomer wife says ‘meh’ to the Oster clippers. Too loud. But, she also grooms cats, which are a lot more sensitive to such things.

She is currently in process of buying a couple extra blades, though.

Just to be clear, we’re not selling the dog either.

But, as usual, the thing that got me to click on the listing (shower head on a hose), is not what’s for sale. I’m a sad.

need to add the Oyster clipper spray to the offerings. That stuff is awesome and definitely improves the life of your clippers and the space between sharpening/maintenance needs.

I didnt even see this woot until now? Anyone here shave long haired cats?

yes…usually when they are matted to the skin. Why do you ask? =^…^=

Anybody know of a good spray head that allows mixing shampoo in it?

These are excellent prices for the Oster clippers and blades. I just called my groomer to let her know about the availability. She’s ordering from 2 different accounts, hers and 1 of her assistants. She’s very appreciative that I called her about it as she rarely checks the site but has purchased here. Good 1 W000T!

Also, humans who do their own buzz cuts can use the Oster or hairdressers & barbers would benefit by these prices.

The main purpose is to cool the blade so you don’t burn the animal.

I never use Foster and Smith for purchases and don’t like some of their information they provide.

There are much better prices and information about animal health out there then they have. Nice picture of how to groom a cocker spaniel though. There are books that explain all breeds.

Feel free to post better information! Just telling us there is “better information and prices” out there is not helpful. I use to buy many dog supplies, but I’m a bargain hunter and shop wherever I can get the best deal.

no human that cuts their own hair would pay this much money for clippers without the combs that attach to allow cutting at different lengths. I cut my hair with a no. 2 comb, which is pretty nice.
you should give you barber a call too. see if he wants to cut hair with dog clippers.

And look up the price of the clippers on amazon before you tell people how good the price on here is. the a5 is the same price on amazon every day as the shipping through the current vendor is free.