PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush - 3 Pack

My dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs. How is he going to brush himself?

Here’s the official website!

Those work on people?

Yippee, 3 for Tuesday!

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My wife has these and swears by them for our golden retriever. They don’t grab the hairs the way conventional pet brushes do, and they’re ridiculously easy to clean.

These things are awful. My dog, may he rest in peace, hated these stupid brushes. If you’re going to buy a brush, do yourself and your pets a favor and actually spend a few more bucks on a Furminator. They work much, much better.

Amazon averages 4 1/2 stars
With 2 big German Shepherd dogs, I might have to give them a try!!!
Edit that!!! I’m in for 3!!! That makes 9 total. Oh are the dogs going to love me for getting them these.

So is this 3 packs of 3? Or is it “1-3-pack?”


These work well, but we still use the Furminator when the dog is shedding and another brush when we bathe her. Seems like you can’t have just one kind of brush.

They don’t really “eject” the hair like the commercial says.

I think I should be paying Woot $1.99 just for the enjoyment of watching the infomercial…

I see what you did there.

I have a husky. He is going to undergo his spring coat blowing any week now. Can anyone vouch that these work on huskies? I will be overrun with fur soon. The brushes I’ve tried all get clogged after moving one inch in his impossibly thick coat.

The plastic tipped one doesn’t work very well at all on either my long haired cat or my short haired dog, but the wire tipped one is awesome. For my cat, she enjoys the sensation and it removes a ton of loose fur. For my dog, he doesn’t care for it, but tolerates it, and it removes only some of his fur.

I find it best to first pet the cat with the wire brush and then transfer (without cleaning it) to the dog. The cat hair in the tines seems to prime it for the dog hair and then I’m able to remove quite a bit.

Considering that spring is just around the corner and that prime shedding season is coming, I’d say that this is a must if you have an indoor pet.

My dog loves being groomed but the brush we have for him doesn’t get the fine hair, looking forward to trying these out! I’ve been too cheap to buy an expensive brush as I don’t know how he’ll react to it. This is the perfect chance!

Our cats love to be brushed, so I’m in for a couple packs. What the heck. Its Woot, it must be good. hehe

Pet Zoom (Product Review) Video

I’d recommend the furminator. This works well when its not shedding time and you can just brush them as normal. (Word of warning: take the dog outside when you use the furminator)

dear woot: do you even read what he posts or is there some kind of auto-quality-post filter for everything he submits?