PETKIT Eversweet Smart Fountain Waterer

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PETKIT Eversweet Smart Fountain Waterer
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Okay, can anyone find replacement filters ANYWHERE? It looks cool, but I don’t want a brick once the replacement filter dies…

These are great in an RV! And if you can’t find a filter cartridge, oh well! The dog was drinking out of the toilet BEFORE you got it, so why worry?

I was going to pull the trigger on this but I’m also worried about getting filters.

sigh Not much of a discount from your sister site amazon when you add in shipping and tax. Maybe a few bucks? I look at woot almost every day and it’s getting harder to find exciting deals. I used to buy stuff here about once a month or several times a year.

Filters seem to be available online at amazon.

Has anyone seen any reviews on this item? Just checking if it really works or not.

Filters on Amazon through a 3rd party. I am considering getting it and buying a pile of the filters. I don’t want to get stuck with a pretty thing that is dead after one filter either.

PETKIT Dual modes Ultra-silent Pump Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain (Filter Unit3)

Hmmm… My cat walks past the fresh filtered water I put in her dish to drink out of a mud puddle in the back yard or the water running down the gutter in the street. Maybe if this device ADDED funky smells and tastes?

Been filtering my pets water for 2 years. I have heard stories in ok and Tx of pets having seizures related to local water in some of the smaller communities. Just fill their bowls from a breta pitcher by the sink.

[]Amazon is w00t’s parent site; not sister.
]Amazon is currently out of stock on this item.
[]When last in stock, Amazon was charging $10 more for this item. With free 2-day shipping for Prime members, that would make it $5 more from Amazon.
]I found a site ( that had this item on sale 3 days ago for $47 including shipping, but they’re now sold out. I guess this product is being liquidated at all speed via all available channels – so if you want one, w00t may be the last place to get one.

If you are going to correct someone to show superiority, then at least spell woot! correctly.

Also woot! is an independent subsidiary of Amazon, which I believe would make Amazon a Foster Parent?

Was this product Mortimer approved?

Which is worse - having a dead fountain with a ton of filters, or having a working fountain with no filters?

If your going to correct someone, spell you’re correctly.

I was working on typos, give me a sec. It’s early, ya know? And I meant “you are”. Not everything is a contraction.

You should look up “irony”. (It is you’re for you, so stop throwing stones straight up…they tend to fall back where they came.)

I’ve been using a Drinkwell Pet Fountain for several years now, and running water really does encourage cats to drink more. They’re really hard on their kidneys with concentrated urine, and so more water really helps them by diluting their urine. Living in Iowa however, lime in the water takes a TERRIBLE toll on anything that circulates tap water. I got sick of de-liming mine every month and went to distilled water (89c/walmart), definitely do this if you have lime in your water.

Even with the back tank added, the drinkwell is a pain to refill and needs it every 3-4 days. This looks easier to refill, but I wonder what the capacity is? The drinkwell uses filters also, and they get quite a bit for them, BUT they are actually the same filters used in common fish tank circulators, so I get my filters in the fish aisle at the pet store for cheap. Maybe these filters are available elsewhere also? But I actually don’t use the filters much. They don’t seem to improve the water.

One of my cats prefers to drink out of the pouring stream, the other I leave the lid off and she drinks out of the top of the unit.

I would like to know how easy this fountain is to clean and maintain. Also does the unit run okay without the filter? Are parts available? (I’ve had to replace my pump twice in the years I’ve owned it) Anyone already have one that can comment?

Actually Amazon is not out of stock…it ships out of China and is listed as a new launch…if you go here and you may have to click the second picture as one is for the filter system and the other is the entire system:

Thanks, Kathleen for handling that :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more. Yeah, dogs may drink out of the toilet, but cats are more picky. The apparent simplicity of this device is what I like. I don’t mind cleaning out the crevice filled drinkwell (even though the motor can’t be removed from mine for love or money). But I’m about to have surgery, and my daughter doesn’t need to go through that weekly hell while I’m down for a few months. Since one of you kindly found the filter I will pull the trigger. And I’ll pull the trigger on the filters too. I may leave it in the box til surgery time.

For all of you who can’t get a kitty to drink, try a (CLEAN) fountain. You’ll be surprised.

Heh. My cat gets all the fresh water she wants and still prefers to jump in the tub and lick up the puddles after I shower – something I wouldn’t do for a thousand pounds and a state dinner.