Philips Active Noise Canceling Headphones Woot Info Post
eat more!

Philips Active Noise Canceling Headphones [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips SHN2500 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

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Cheap hissing machine

If I put these on and don’t listen to music, can I hear my brain cells dying off?

What’s the deal with woot’s love affair with Philips?

Anyone know if these wouldn’t function, even as normal headphones, without the batteries?

So these are supposed to do the same thing that the couple hundred dollar BOSE noise cancelling headphones do? 7.99 seems to good to be true.

I have these and they are the biggest pile of CARP!!!. skip these.

if you look at the picture closely, it kind of looks like snoopy!! lol

$15.50 shipped on Amazon, not such a great deal woot! and the reviews are so-so.

Just got off a 5 hour flight. Sure could have used these then.

As opposed to the inactive silence enhancing headphones.

I have these, have used them for a couple of years. I like them more than the larger Noise canceling headphones because they are in-ear and I can rest on the plane with them in. They work, but are not super-strong in the noise cancelling department.

To clarify, maybe 1/4 of the noise reduciton is simply in the ear-plug style of the headphones.

nice bird, woot… keep your damn headphones

I would need to try these out before I buy them.

They sound horrible without batteries.I used them when my Bose broke…and even then I thought twice about it a couple of times

So since the consensus thus far seems to be that these suck, does anybody know of any quality earbuds in the <$30 price range?

I have these…it’s basically just like wearing regular earphones with a box attached to you. They actually sound worse than my $12 earbuds. IMO…don’t buy.

I owned a pair of regular noise canceling headphones from Phillips, and they were excellent. Until I loaned them to my ex gf and her dog got ahold of them… We’ll soon see how these turn out!

You’re right, 12.99 shipped for one is a way worse deal that 15.50 shipped.