Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker White

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Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker White
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Sep 28 to Monday, Oct 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Links to User Manual and Recipe Book

i have two of these. they are a real work horse. i got a meat mixer from cabelas for mixing the pasta and put it in the machine to extract the noodles. there are places you can get the complete set of dies. although at those places you get the machine and complete set for the same price as this.

I want to buy one of these just to support whoever wrote the Pastamark pitch.

I was waiting for this to come up but it’s not a good deal. I agree with the other poster, this can be found at similar prices elsewhere. Granted, may not be the advanced collection but all I see different is an extra disk.

Where are these places of which you speak, Carl?

I bought one of these a couple-three woots ago, and it’s well worth the price IMO. I used it enough in the first three months to actually break it, and the seller responded to my warranty request & replaced the broken part under warranty in under a week.

The basic disc set is pretty good, and you can find the other discs on eBay for pretty cheap.

I see other reviewers are saying they can get a better deal on this with more discs elsewhere - anyone have links? I’d like to see!

I wish. I really need one of these. I’m raising 5 grandkids so I can’t really afford it though.

I’ve used little cheap plastic ones with a suction cup base, one of those Italian metal ones that cranks, and some electric one…all donated to Goodwill. This may indicate that some people are just not pasta-makers.

I did see a chef mix some dough in a bowl, flatten it out with a rolling pin and cut it into strips to make pasta faster than I could set up or clean a machine.

That’s why I like this machine - it’s super easy to clean. Just let the dough dry, knock off the bits, and you’re pretty much done cleaning.

If you have a kitchen aide mixer. The paste attachment for this is stainless steal and is easy to use. Not sure about cost now. But you might be able to find this for less then this pasta maker.

what broke? I love mine but don’t want to break it. Is there something you share?

Now that my wife needs to be gluten-free my pasta days are, ah, past.

It’s really had to make noodles out of rice flour.

That large white plastic piece on the front that the dough screw goes thru and that holds on the pasta disc - the white cradle for the screw on the inside had a piece snap off.