Philips Fidelio M2L Headphones

Are the over-ear models sold out or are we missing the option?

Yes, sorry for the confusion. This is just for the on-ear this time. I fixed the title.

A warning for potential buyers: These have a Lightning connector only, not the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This means they will only work with Apple products. This is a deal killer for me. Even if I had an Apple device I would still like the ability to use my headphones with other devices.

These have some really favorable reviews. If you are wedded to iPhone, and you like your music clean, these might really be worth grabbing at this price.

These headphones appear to be great on paper, but the lightning connection is a huge inherent vulnerability.

Those of us with apple’s mobile devices are well aware of the limitations of lightning connection equipment.

  • Lightning connections offer extremely low resistance to disconnect. Sensitivity to iOS devices and disconnect will lead to frequent audio interruptions.

  • lightning cable connections have high failure rate’s due to multiple factors; strain relief is inherently bad, wire attachment to end connector is insufficient, and the MFI chip requirement causes the cable to have additional points of failure that are completely unnecessary.

  • complete lack of flexibility for use with non-iOS devices.

  • higher production cost translates to higher end user cost.

Lightning was a money-grab from apple with zero benefit to the end user - this is a crippling vulnerability to any audio product.

I know these are great sounding headphones, but I agree with your comments. I too am sick of Apple making sure they find a way to be more exclusive. They do make great products, but their approach to locking in users is pretty tiring.
I have looked far and wide (on the interweb) for a conversion plug to allow these to be used with a “normal” 3.5mm plug. There isn’t one.

10 minutes and a soldering iron will make them work with other devices… but at that point just buy a pair of Grado SR80Es and be done with it. They’re only $99 and look very similar.


Charles – if we were to splice in a 3.5mm headphone jack, would it not conflict with the built-in DAC? I was tempted to try this.

I agree. Proprietary hardware interfaces limits the market and consumer choices.

I have not searched the interwebs, but I know Apple makes one. Heck, my iPhone came with one…

I bet these are a hit in Cuba :wink:

I seriously doubt that. What it came with was a lightning to 3.5’ female adapter. What OP was looking for was a female lightning to 3.5’ male converter. AFAIK they do not exist and most likely never will since it would require Apple’s MFi blessing and they aren’t likely to bless something that allows their stuff to be used on non-Apple devices.

Yes they do, but it’s the other way, from lightning to 3.5mm female. I am looking to use these going from the headphone lightning connection to a male 3.5mm

Very informative thread.