Maximo iM-490S iMetal Stereo Earphones

I Just[Froogled]( iM-490S iMetal Stereo Earphones) your mom


My Razer m100s broke recently and I really liked them. Do you think this will be a good replacement for them?

Hey, I can really use these! Two woots in two days, cool.

So about half-price. Meh?

Well I’ll be, they look like model car buffers.

is the bass any good? are the earphones any good?
ive never herd of this company =/


How do these compare with the razer M100’s ? They look similar, they cost about the same, but does how does the sound compare?

wow, they look so chromed out. i’d wear them on my new leven hundie. I’m in for 3

Skullcandy for life! And cheaper too!

Says there are “3 sizes of eartips for snug, comfortable fit” but in the box there are “Small and Large Eartips (2 Each)” Anyone?

These kind hurt my ears. Uncomfortable. :frowning:

Sweet my headphones just died on me, needed some new ones. Thanks Woot!

Review really wasn’t too bad. I’d pick up a pair…but I’m broke.

The medium ones come already on the earphones. That’s what normally happens.

cnet review - 6/10 - lots of bass, heavy on the low end, sounds somewhat muffled

nonetheless, for $15, it seems like a decent deal.

I’m guessing the medium are pre-installed :slight_smile: That’s how my Razer’s came.

I got some V-moda Vibes for christmas, so no need for these…

cough V-moda Vibe knockoffs cough