Philips Norelco Multigroom Trimmer with Attachments

I have the Multigroom All-in-One Series 3000 which is cheaper because it doesn’t have things like the body trimmer, but I’m happy with it so far. Doesn’t feel cheap when using it, sound not too loud, and not too difficult changing attachments. I’ve only used the nose/ear hair trimmer and the full-size trimmer so far, and this kit has them as well. There are so many Norelco trimmer kits, I guess it depends on what you’re looking for as to whether to get this.
Oh, and $64.99 at the mothership vs. $45.99 here.

Picked up this same (or at least very similar) at Costco for $35.

At $35 it’s a good price for a good trimmer. At $45 + $5 shipping, it’s a harder sell.

All but the one “regular” trimming blade are mostly flimsy plastic, and they’re louder, and don’t cut as well, as a result. The “body” attachment tends to pull hair, unless it’s already very short, so you need to go through with the trimmer first.

Battery life is good, the accessories all fit nicely in the pouch, and the adjustments for the trimming depth are actually pretty good, and easy to do repeatably.

It does appear this is somehow different, as the Amazon model is 7500 QG3392 and this is QG3998/59. Anyone clued in on the difference?

That’s the one we have linked internally.

I also got the same trimmer at costco a little over 3 years ago. Still works like a champ trimming my beard once a week. But like the above wooter, I don’t use the other attachments due to their cheap feel and lack of performance.

I don’t see a charger in the pictures of what you’re offering?

Yes, the charger is included.

In the last picture it shows model 7000 in the description its different… ugg WOOT.

Thanks! I’ll ask the team.

Bought one on the last Woot. I really like it.