Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

I had lots of trouble installing software from the included CD (on XP Media Center) , so I went to the Pinnacle support web site, and downloaded the intall from there. Worked much better, and I am now seeing what I think are most of the local OTA HD broadcasts available. So, a little trouble, at first, but that seems pretty standard these days.

XD, quoting my own post. I’ve finally be able to fix my own problem and be able to switch between Digital and Analog signals on Vista’s Windows Media Center.

You’ll want to download and run this 6mb install. I got it straight off the Pinnacle Site after spending about 30 minutes digging around for a fix to my problem without instaling their crappy software.

I’ve uploaded the file to Megaupload if you guys don’t want to hunt for the file on Pinnacle’s site since they wanted me to register to even download this one file for some reason. For some reason you don’t need to register for some of the other files. Anyway this only saves you about 2-3 minutes from registering and jumping through a few hoops on their website.

From what I’ve gathered this fix doesn’t install the Pinnacle Software (thank god), but allows the tuner’s full function on Windows Media Center. Namely the whole switching between digital and analog signals. It installs the MPEG-2 Encoder it needs to view the analog signals and possibly gives you the latest drivers if you don’t have them (not sure about the second part since it installed for me automatically the first time I plugged it in).

Give this a shot if you were having the same problem I was with the whole analog/digital thing or if you’re still having some trouble with using Windows Media Center with this USB tuner. I downloaded the Vista file but it should work for XP since the file name has both the word “Vista and XP” on it. :wink:

Try browsing the Pinnacle forums if you guys are having any other problems. I believe I saw a thread for people’s USB tuner that weren’t getting detected on Windows OSes. goes back to watching TV on the laptop Good luck wooters!

Is it just me or some hd channels are 740x480 windowed even when viewing in fullscreen?

I need a TV Tuner! I would buy this in a heartbeat. My very old tuner broke today so I was researching for the prices of a new tv tuner. They are so expensive for a decent one. I am looking for one that has a remote and is external. Thats it.

If anyone is looking to sell it or not using it, I would take it off your hands for some money. Let me know!

Greetings. New member here. I have this stick and have followed several tutorials on how to supposedly get it working but all have failed first under Ubuntu 7.10 and now under 8.04 (Hardy Heron beta). Any detailed info from those have finally made it work would be GREATLY appreciated. TIA.


use windows media center and it will work great

Can’t wait to try this out. I just ordered this for store pickup at Circuit City for $50.

I got it running on ubuntu 7.10 but not on 8.04. I followed

but didn’t need to modprobe anything. My kernel is 2.6.22-14-38

I then did

scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/atsc/us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB

to get a channel.conf to put in .mplayer
then mplayer dvb:// worked for me

Hope that helps

Finally took the time to play around with these tonight. Wish I had sooner, one is dead and gets no analog signal. It is only detected as a “digital antenna” tuner, useless for analog cable TV. With the one working it spikes the CPU, so I don’t think the PC could have handled 2 tuners going at the same time. The main problem I did not see coming is these USB tuners need the CPU to do the brunt of the work, where a tuner with chip based decoding does the work and does not tax the PC. Wish I had skipped this purchase, not only is one dead, but they suck resources far more than I expected (AMD 3200+, 1gig ram, Vista premium, SATA).

Recently purchased Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick (December 2008).

I am having problems with crashes when using latest Pinnacle software. Error suggested updating BIOS (which I am working on).

Addtional note, If you wish to use Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick with SAGETV and digital cable, Sage TV does not support PCTV HD Pro Stick. Also, HD over the air channels did work on Sage TV and were slow not real time. (using a Pentium IV 3.0mhz 1 GB RAM).

In a word: eh.

Quit cheaping out and get a real cable box/tivo/something better than this.