Polaroid i1035 10MP Digital Camera with 3” LCD

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New Polaroid i1035 10MP Digital Camera with 3" LCD, for $59.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Polaroid i1035 Black 10MP Digital Camera with 3" LCD

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Hmmm. Only one review to be found on Amazon and I can’t find any on my other regular review sites.

Buy.com sells this for $119.99

Basically, Woot is half-price.

Wow. This seems crazy cheap for a digital camera. Is it any good!?

What’s the memory like on this?

I am so In for one of these. I was just shopping around for digital cameras today. and $59.99 for a polaroid isnt that bad of a deal. Yes its polaroid, but polaroid makes a decent product. As long as it’s not a DVR minus a harddrive…

I freaking hate being unemployed! This is a great deal!!! My daughter has an older maybe 7MP version of this and she loves it.

I just pulled the trigger on two of them. Both my wife and I each own a broken digital camera. I have an old 5 megapixel one from Gateway that has started taking fuzzy pictures and her Olympus is completly inoperable (the lens motor is shot).

No video out for tv display.

What kind of memory card does this take? What size? A SD Card?

Description says that it takes up to 4 GB SD cards, but that 8 GB cards work just fine.

Mixed reviews about this camera. Not bad for the price, though. Downside: AA batteries.

Remember: More megapixels does not always mean better photos–just more memory used.

It says it right in the features - SDHC

Nice camera and features. Overall good deal.
Previous Woot 8GB SDHC card works that’s
a plus!!!

Short term


10MP for resolution, and memory depends on whatever XD card you get, i recommend a 4GB card, or two 2GB cards. but it depends on what you buy, normally they come with a 256MB card or something ridiculous like that

Yes, but SDHC stands for Secure digital High capacity. They make them in three sizes. I am curious as to which size it takes.