Post Mongering 10/27/22 (Part 3)

what can we do

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


To get

Outer Space GIF by BBC


angry GIF

it has not sci-fi GIF by Alpha

Benedict, I have no idea

what you’re talking about.

Don’t get me started… that word seems to be very fluid, but here’s what was promised this time:

Continuing the discussion from Post Mongering 10/27/22 (Part 1):

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we are good

A blasted




“The stories are misleading,” he replied. “It is theoretically possible to control the weather for limited amounts of time, but the most I’ve ever done is whip up a little wind.”

“Whip up?”

“All right, it was sort of a tornado, except that there was no convection storm associated with it, just a lot of tightly spinning wind.”

“That was on the Isle of Fire, wasn’t it?”

“Aren’t we inquisitive tonight?” he asked a little too sharply. At the sight of Oceanvine’s hurt expression he relented as he so often did. “Yes, that was on the Isle of Fire. I was desperate and willing to try anything at that point. It nearly killed me. If it weren’t for Windchime it probably would have. It wasn’t particularly successful either.”

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Black mail

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