Preparing The Night

Closeup makes the shirt look like it will have a nice moonglow. Might be just right for a night of stargazing.

I wish this shirt was on navy and/or had glow-in-the-dark properties.

Woo! Congrats, expo!

Now I have a sudden urge to listen to the Parlotones

I really like the shirt, the artist did a good job capturing the glow of the moon and stars. The more I look at it though the sadder it feels. The moon is a very lonesome place and that long, long ladder just makes the guy seem even more lonely up there.

Great design! Congratulations expo :slight_smile:

This sorta reminds me of the opening sequence of the BBC series, “Red Dwarf.”

Nice design. :slight_smile:

It just LOOKS lonesome from down here…

It’s the dark side of the moon is where all really hap’nin stuff is goin’ on. :wink:

Yay! I’m the wife that really really wanted this one :slight_smile: So Happy “Preparing the Night” was one of the winners!! Congrats!!

wow! grats man! :slight_smile:

This is the coolest thing. I bought two.

Oh man. I hope that guy has good insurance. I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about balancing on the top of that ladder.

I can almost imagine some one coming along and saying, “Hey buddy, you missed a spot.”

I can’t believe this got through.

I’d be interested to see how a long ladder responds under the influence of two gravitational fields.

Grats on 101% sales!

If I had the $12, I would have already bought this one. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Fun fact: I’ve spent more money on woot since becoming unemployed.

doesn’t make me want to buy it, but now I’ve gotta watch Diana kralls
The Look Of Love Video

Really? Why? Looks great to me !