Prime Exclusive! 40% Off Woot! Shirt orders: April 17 - April 23, 2022


1. Log in with your Amazon Prime account using the “Log in with Amazon” button.

2. Add any Woot! Shirt apparel to your cart. This can include t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, tanks, zip hoodies, raglans, and women’s v-necks.

3. Voila! We’ll apply the discount at checkout. Hooray!

5. What are you waiting for? Get popular with these designs !

NOTE: If you don’t see the shipping update on the order page, look for a “Use this address” button and tap/click that. The order page will finish loading and shipping will update.

Restrictions and fine print:

  • Discount applied at checkout.
  • Offer only applies to apparel items from the Woot! Shirt category. Apparel items from other Woot! categories (like Sports & Outdoors or Home) will NOT receive the discount
  • Offer excludes non-apparel items on Woot! Shirt such as posters, blankets, and totes
  • Free shipping does not apply to international orders.
  • Minimum purchase of 1 shirt from shirt.woot required before discount can be activated.
  • Limit to one use per customer.
  • Offer valid from April 17, 2022 at 12am CT until April 23, 2022 at 11:59pm CT.
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**More woot shirts **


No, not more!

Seriously. I don’t have room to put the ones I already own.


What is the coupon code for the 17-23 April 2022 Woot! Shirt 40% off sale?

There’s no coupon code. The discount will automatically be applied in the checkout (not your cart) if you’re logged in with prime.

I waited till 12 AM central time, 10 PM California time on 17 April, I am a prime member on Amazon, logged in through Amazon to pay and there is still no discount. What is going on, what might I be doing wrong. I chose shirts from the site that I am directed to by the 40% deal Text. I am using my iPad, generation five like I have for sales like this which used coupon codes in the past, I have been shopping with Woot since 2002. What is going on, tell me what you think I’m doing wrong to not be able to get the 40% discount on the shirts? Thank you, Gene

After verifying your payment method and shipping address, you should see the discount.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

The discount is working for me.

Have you checked for updates on the device you’re using?
Try clearing your cache, and restarting the device. You may need to log out and log back in. I’m really not sure.

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The discount is not working for me, either. Logged into my Prime account, validated the OTP code, added my shirts, and they’re all remaining at full price when I try to check out. Please fix this.

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Added shirts to the cart, am logged in with Amazon Prime account but I don’t see the discount. . . . . . . Also I wanted to note that there seems to be missing a step 4 above.

Are you sure you’re all the way to the page that says “place order”?

The discount doesn’t show up in the cart.

It’ll show up in the checkout.

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Yeah, figured it out that I was one step behind where the discount would appear. As for the missing step 4 in the instructions, I guess even the number 4 celebrates 4/20.


I don’t think the checkout asks the same questions every time. Sometimes it skips a few steps.

Congrats on the new shirts!


Used the discount to score this SpiritGreen design to complete all four seasons with our favorite Studio Ghibli character!


Perfect timing!
Thanks, Woot!

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