Print Fest

need a home ink printer please. something small to fit a tight space.

You show a nice Epson printer to get me to click on the page and then have none for sale? Bait and switch?

Nah. Just means that it was planned to be in sale when the photo was done but then we had none in inventory when the sale started.

UPDATE: And fixed.

Lexmark CS410DTN has additional paper tray on other sites, but picture and specs for non T printer, pic is for the CS410DN… Staff help? Which one is for sale?


Model # is right. Image is updated. Thanks for pointing that out.

Big thanks!

Why ink? If you can get by with BW, there are tons of small laser printers for around $60.Check the mothership.

My auction wiz neighbor finally got one and can’t believe how fast her unit (a Canon) prints, even duplex!