Product Spotlight: Journals 3.0

Oh ho! Offering line and graph options for those who asked. I prefer blank (I’m eyeing that Consider yourself warned one), but I’d be curious to know what format sells the most after all this is finished.

Woot sucks once again. I bought blank journals that I have yet to figure out what to do with. But I begged for graphed journals, so I must buy some, but I don’t want to.

Still no Foxfall. Sadface. Though the rabbit one’s pretty cool.

It’s great to finally have lined and graphed options!! Thanks. (I just wish this had been available a couple of months ago when I bought six unlined ones.) Keep 'em coming.

Please re-release The Binge as a journal

They’re lined this time! Yeeeeees.

Woohoo Lined!
now one more request: Perforated so I can easily tear out my notes.
Ok a second request: Spiral binding.



Can we see some photos of unlined versus graph versus lined?

Yes please, wondering how dark the lines/grids are…

Yes, Please :slight_smile:

They finally give us lined journals, but it’s too late. After the other sales I gave up and bought my own lined journals - I’m not gonna spend more money just because Woot is selling some when I’ve already got 3 waiting for me to fill up. What a shame.

That said, I am curious, in case they do another sale in a year or whatever: are the lined journals wide ruled, college ruled, or what? Are we talking light lines or dark? Blue or black? These details matter and should probably either be provided or at least a picture shown.

Thank you so much for adding lined journals. They are much more desirable now.

You mean two many requests. :wink:

The one I bought recently has blank pages. I’d rather have lines or graph. oh well.

As other have already said, it would be very useful to know the details about the lined & graphed versions: how wide apart are the rulings, heavy or feint, colour…

I’ll see if someone can post some pics on Monday, as currently, no one is in the office where the samples are.

Awesome GRAPH journals! Please keep these as an option!

I wish one of these designs called to me even a little bit so I could vote with money, but seriously, if the last round of journals had been offered in graph I would be broke. As in “had my electricity cut off” broke.

Hoping graph = moleskine-like squared.

Will wait for pictures…