PureGuardian Warm & Cool Humidifier

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This has been cranking away the last couple weeks I’ve had it. It puts out some serious mist, but at max settings with the warm mist heater activated, you’re only going to get 24hrs out of a 2 gallon tank. That’s ok, I want that capacity when I need it. Kicking it down to medium and turning off the heater, you’ll get 2-3 days. I’m looking forward to a winter of leaving my guitars out instead of stashing them away with humidifiers in their cases.
People have reported a powdery residue left from calcium when using tap water. Yet another appliance saved from the effects of hard water by a whole house water softener combined with a RO filter system. They pay for themselves in the limestone-rich Midwest.

I bought the one sold last month, looks about the same… has been running 24/7 since I received it. Takes about 30 hours to finish a tank of water here. Much easier to clean than the old one this replaced. No problems (knock wood) yet. As many had previously noted the hygrometer built in never seems to agree with other ones nearby. I don’t have any way to say for sure which one is right or wrong. Sounds basically silent to me.

I bought this last time it was on here. It does pump out the moisture and like others the humidity readout is different than what my nest thermostat says and its very close to it. I dont really care what the readout says. I was getting static shock like crazy in my house until i bought this and i dont get it at all now. I do notice a white film on some stuff from the water but its no big deal. Once in a while i hear a humming noise from the humidifier but it usually stops. overall i am very pleased for the price this machine does well.