Pyle Audio

A waterproof video recorder? Anyone up to the challenge of finding some action shots?

Can anyone find video reviews for the ipod dock?

My experience with Pyle was always that their products were poorly made and their speakers were just god awful. Granted, this was back in the 90s when I last bought their stuff, but after the first time, I never tried again. My advice, avoid them like the plague.

What is 72 rpm? All of my old-old records are 78s. I have no desire to hear “Sparky’s Magic Piano” at a slightly slowed down speed - it already creeps me out!!!

I found this:

I’m on the fence on this one. I was considering this to to replace a broken JBL On Stage Micro but I might just pony up and buy what I know works. The JBL broke because of a destructive toddler - not a malfunction :wink:

This is what i found. No reviews but a price.

Anyone know if the record player has a 45 adapter with it or am i going to have to align the record just right?

The touch screen CD player looks pretty sweet, but I don’t know enough about the Pyle brand to risk $100 plus pay someone to install it.

90 dollar recieve, I don’t like the idea of it.

It functions for audio but I can’t speak for a home theater system, no HDMI or even DVI ports. I’ll pass.

I’m gonna have to agree with Bigshtank on this one. I bought the record player off of here the last time they ran the Pyle Audio deals (about a month or so ago). When the player arrived it was completely defective. The player didn’t spin, not sound for external inputs, nothing. So I called to get a replacement only to find out their customer service is worst than the third reich’s. I had to call repeatedly, because they would transfer me to “another department” aka a voice mailbox. I left multiple messages and sent a couple emails to no reply. Finally, I called and demanded I not be transferred or put on hold under any circumstance. After much debate I got a manager on the phone (he had to walk over because I wouldn’t let them transfer me) who told me that I had to pay for shipping and I should simply send it to their address with my information and they would send it back. When I asked how I would know if they received the package and what the status of the repairs were he said and I quote, “Well you know if you send it here it should get here and we’ll send it right back so it’s no problem.” Under no circumstance would they pay for return shipping. They actually tried to get me to send a money order for return shipping, but I was able to talk them off of that.

All that said I wasn’t about to pay $20 to ship it to them and risk never seeing it again or just getting another broken player, so I wound up taking it apart myself and fixing it (it had a couple loose connections and the belt wasn’t fitted on the belt drive). Now that it’s working I love the player, but would never ever ever in a million years buy another one of their products.


It has a 45 adapter, but I don’t recommend Pyle whatsoever (see above post). I own this record player and love it, but just know if you ever have any problem with it you’re in for one heck of a ride and a proud owner of a fancy wooden box

I was looking at the In-Dash Touch Screen System that is here, but wanted to read the manual to find out more about integration with the existing steering wheel controls. Went to the website and discovered you have to Buy the manuals. Manufacturers that sell manuals to their own products is a big red flag for me.

I have bought several Pyle products in the past, mostly for Car Audio.

Basically, you get what you pay for. It is cheap because it lacks quality, but if you just want a radio to put in your 'Yota and go blasting through the dirt and mud, it gets the job done on the cheap and you don’t feel bad when it stops working. If you have a nice car, get a nice radio.

I tried installing a Pyle radio a couple years ago for a friend who bought it without consulting anyone first. The rear outputs would not work, no matter what we tried. Then the display just went black and would not light up. It made sound, but no info as to what that sound was. We tried calling their support and were just transferred until we hit a ‘mailbox full’ message. Four times. The only time we enjoyed this Pyle product was when we took it to the dump and went “Office Space” on it. These products are a Pyle of something alright.

The turntable looks so cool. The turntable itself is crap unfortunately. The $15 VIBE that went yesterday is a much better value. I wish I could put the VIBE turntable inside this one’s frame.

I see Pyle has a lot of bad reviews here, but does anyone know about the heart rate monitor they are selling? I might go in for one just to get my feet with with a HRM.

Me being in mobile electronics for over 15 years, I wouldn’t trust a paperweight with the Pyle brand name on it. I would honestly take my chances with a no-name Chinese eBay version of a product before I bought the Pyle. No, I’m not kidding.

Pyle is useless garbage.
Nothing more needs to be said.

O_O Thanks guys, I’ll save my monies!!