Pyle Electrical Testing

Something critical missing from the description of these converter transformers and I’d like to know:
Are the transformers ‘isolation’ or ‘auto-transformers?’

An isolation transformer has separate, non-electrically connected primary and secondary windings. An auto-transformer has one winding but has ‘taps’ on that winding that allow varying voltages to be shared with high efficiency.

Where these two transformer types come into play is how the converter is going to be used. If two, isolated winding are employed, it make for a very ‘safe’ source of AC power for use in servicing electrical equipment. The isolation removes a potential shock hazard if accidental contact to ground is made. The auto-transformer design provides no such protection from shock.

Would be nice to know!

Could the product label of “Automatic Voltage Regulator” indicate it is the single coil type?