Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

**Item: **Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
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8/21/2013 - $39.99 - 43 comment(s)

For that time when you want to blast the fish with some death metal, there is the Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

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Description says waterproof, but the video says it’s only splashproof. Which is it?

I got one of these in my last BoC and I’m pretty impressed with it. The audio quality is much better than the one on the iPad and even has a decent amount of bass for a relatively small speaker. My only small complaint about it is that sometimes I accidentally change the track instead of the volume since the same button does multiple things depending on how long you press.

I bought one last time they were on here. It works great. during the summer I had it out on my Jetski and it handle the shock and bouncing just fine. it also got wet and had no problems. now I have it in my shower where it gets soaked everyday and it still works great. I actually haven’t charged it since august and I use it in the shower every day (about 10 minutes minimum)

This is the difference between me showering in a mixture of water and sound and me showering in tears over a newly broken speakers.

The video above says it isn’t waterproof, just splash/spill proof.

I was definitely wondering about the bass. With a freq response down to only 60hz, I am kinda worried.

Love this speaker. It hangs permanently in my shower and is used daily. Decent sound and good battery life (recharge about once every two weeks, average 2 hours/day). Range isn’t that great in my experience, but that isn’t a big deal for me since my phone is usually stationary on the bathroom counter. Appreciate the dedicated skip fwd/backward buttons.

Check out this review over at and

I agree with the above comments. sounds great at moderate volume. battery life is very good. would appreciate separate buttons for volume and next track. seems that many of these inexpensive bluetooth speakers use the same bluetooth module. (i have 2 others that function the same way)

Yeah I’m not sure how sound would get through very well if it was completely waterproof. Clearly it’s only splashproof. I would think completely waterproof speakers would be an impossibility.

Also the product website linked above confirms it’s only splashproof.

Well I’m no audiophile but it is definitely better bass than the built in iPad 2 speaker, but that isn’t saying much of course.

I bought this speaker and it was very meh. I also have an Axion BT speaker that is $29 on Amazon which sounds much better and a Soundfreaq Sound Kick that I got on sale at Target for $79 which sounds much much better. Granted, neither of these are splash or waterproof, but the sound is what’s important to me. My go-to waterproof speaker is a Grace Digital Eco Extreme which is actually a case with a built in speaker. It’s great because it also keeps your phone dry, but you lose access to the controls so random playback or play lists are what you’re stuck with. Anyway, this speaker is okay, but there are much better options to spend your money on.

I have been using this speaker for months. I REALLY love it. Sounds pretty great

It has been dropped in a bathtub full of water, fully submerged, with zero incident. I am not sure if you should hold under water for long periods of time, or why you would want to, but we use it in the shower all the time.

I did some reading about this cool looking speaker and this is my synopsis. Numerous reviews including ilounge, Amazon and others indicate the con’s as: Bluetooth distance less than advertised, audio distortion at high volume (though most seemed to feel the audio quality, incl.bass, was good at less than max volume), poor quality buttons that didn’t fit well into the cutouts for them - and they often accidentally changed/skipped tracks because some buttons perform different functions based on length of press and they would inadvertently press too long, and many who decided to do a quick ‘dunk’ test but quickly wished they had not. However most felt that it was a good value if it could be purchased at a reasonably low price, like $39.99.

Yeah, this definitely isn’t the best speaker, and I just can’t recommend it. The range isn’t very good (I get popping even at >5 feet). The speakers also can’t handle highs/lows very well at all, tones get merged together, and overall quality is subpar.

It is waterproof though (although I can’t find any documentation about how good it is), and for the most part it does work well in a shower setting.

Actually I like the speaker and I think it’s a good deal.

I got orange, which is quite bright and looks like it was spray painted, but the paint doesn’t rub off easily. I.e. it’s sort of cheap looking.

The sound is good, not great, but then how good are you expecting from a tiny little box?. It’s comparable to my other bluetooth speakers.

The battery life is better than the Logitech and JVC bluetooth boxes I have.

And it’s water resistant. I use it in the shower.

At full price, it’s probably not worthwhile, but at the Woot price, it’s a fine deal.