Rachio 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller

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Rachio 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller
Price: $99.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 01 to Tuesday, Aug 02) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Got mine from last Woot sale and it’s been awesome!!

4.6 Stars over at The Home Depot

I have an existing sprinkler timer and I am not afraid of using a screwdriver and/or making electrical connections. How difficult would it be to replace my old timer with this one?

Easy. Mount to the wall with a couple of screws (I reused one of the screws from the old unit) and a few wires.

This is an awesome unit.

Does anyone know if this is weather resistant, in other words can it be mounted outside, which is where my present controller is mounted?

It is not waterproof - needs enclosure


I bought it last time it was here for sale. Unfortunately I had to return it as it did not connect to network - tried multiple time at multiple locations and networks :-(. But for the outdoor enclosure - I’ve bought two of these http://www.harborfreight.com/ammo-box-61451.html (one is not deep enough for the Rachio) when they were on sale for $4, cut them both in the middle and rivet & seal with silicone. Cheap, easy to access.

Thanks! In for one!

I bought one of these last time they were on Woot and it is excellent. The unit seemed brand new. I too had issues initially syncing to Wi-Fi. I tried using my LG G4 (with a tempered glass screen protector) with the blink on and it would not work. As a last ditch effort I used an old iPhone 4s (no tempered glass protector) and it worked first try. I think the tempered glass was screwing up the blink on syncing.

I love mine!

I also bought one of these a month ago when on Woot. I was hesitant to buy as my Hunter was working just fine and I know how to use it.

Would I buy again? YES.

Friends are wowed by it.

It works with my Alexa & Wink. - not sure how much I’ll use it with either but I like the idea of driving home and seeing a dry zone, walking into the house and telling Alexa to water the zone for 20 mins. :slight_smile:

I’m also not sure how much I’ll use the app (iOS) once it’s set, but it’s very user friendly.

I was confused by Daily Flex schedules (it was watering when it said it wasn’t going to). I called tech support and they explained it, they were also able to help me get my Hunter wireless rain detector connected and working. Very good tech support.

I also had some issues with connecting to wifi, but I also have a tempered glass in my phone. I ended up giving up after ~5 attempts on it and sometime later it connected. The connecting to wifi is the worst part of the process. It could be better than using flashing sequences to program the wifi.

I see others had concern about installing. It’s really not a big deal at all. Take good close up pictures of the current install so you can always revert.

Do they larger ones ever come on here? I have 9 zones and intending on one more. Really would be in on this!

I’ll let the Tool Team know that you’d be interested in that!

Good timing Woot! I was just getting ready to order this from the mother ship (Amazon) for $130. In for one, not sure why I’d need more.

Sweet! Glad we could get you one for cheap!

FUTURE WOOTERS! Buy this thing! WOW!
I’ve had a hunter sprinkler controller for a dozen years. Every year I’ve gone through the same routine. get my valves installed, then go and futz with the programming.
The programming of the hunter sprinkler is unbelievable. turn a knob, press 50 buttons, turn knob back, nothing. year after year I spent hours messing with it. I had an irrigation professional install four more zones for me, and HE can’t program the hunter.
fast foward to today, I received the rachio, installed it in ten minutes. blink’d it 10 times before reading I should try holding my phone(android) 1" from the sensor(presto! worked!). within minutes I had my zones configured, labeled and running. I can now control my irrigation from anywhere. I don’t know what the v2 would do that the v1 does not.
a great piece of home automation.