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RadioShack Digital Photo Viewer
Your innerly-beautiful loved ones in nauseatingly lifelike color
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Lucky duck, you missed it: Aunt Winnie came over with vacation photographs from five separate cruises and an extensive assortment of miscellaneous baby pictures. (How the old bird can tell all these grand-nieces and grand-nephews apart is a mystery for the ages. It’s not like that branch of the family tree is especially long on personality. One of their mute little marshmallow infants is just like another, really.)

She has to have at least two hundred pictures of Uncle Bert slumping in front of some hazy but possibly scenic cityscape. It was a seemingly endless collection: Uncle Bert in Aruba, Uncle Bert in Reykjavik. Uncle Bert in Cancun, in Rio de Janeiro, in Venice, Anchorage, St. Petersburg and San Francisco.

Their tropical vacation pictures are harder on the eyes. That Bert sure isn’t shy about taking his shirt off, cardiac surgery scar be damned.

Oh, but Aunt Winnie doesn’t lug her multi-tome collection of photo albums around anymore. Instead, she just brought memory cards from her digital camera, and we popped them into the RadioShack Digital Photo Viewer. It made slogging through her thousand family photos almost bearable: We just pretended it was the boringest Game Boy cartridge ever.

Features: 3.5-in. TFT LCD screen (perfect for images of a baby or hotel hallway shot with four drunk blondes)

Screen Resolution: Dismal (we’re fairly certain its only 320×240)

USB interface

Reads pictures directly from your memory card

Display supersized pictures on your TV (including pictures of your TV! How mind-blowing is that?)

Supersized pictures are worth 3,000 words

Programmable slide shows with intervals of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes

Connects to PC for photo downloading and editing

Accepts Compact Flash/Secure Digital/MultiMedia Card

Operates as card reader for CF, MMC, SD cards

Stand rotates to view photos vertically or horizontally

No batteries required (AC operation only)

Auto power-off after 12 hours

Plug ‘n Play operation

Includes AC adapter, USB cable, video cable

New in retail package

Manufacturer 1-year warranty


its a …
photo album thingy??

Wait - I know those people!





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Rock! This is my first page post. I can cross it off my list of “things to do before I die”.

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Last time this was sold by radio shack it was 49.97 according to google’s cached page

Not a bad woot…but with a small price comes a small screen.



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I have been looking for a cheap one of these!


pretty bad photoshop for a pretty bad woot…

a bit better, since it actually sold out






Given how much money I spent in Santa Fe this evening, perhaps I ought to refrain… but they were all NECESSARY purchases except for perhaps the bag of crap from the feed store which I bought along with the alfalfa pellets. Speaking of the “bag of crap” (or box thereof), what is the story behind that? How far back in the annals of wootishness would I have to go to find out?

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“My cuisinart creatively swiffled the waterdrop inverter while speaking to the robot and removing its splinter, telling it the time of day”

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Woo Hoo. I had a kensington one of these, they’re pretty nice. makes it more interesting than just a pic.

Hey Get some deals


Can that screen get any smaller?