Random Crap

Went as fast as I could, got to order screen, but unfortunately sold out. Congrats to all who got one.

Yay, got one.

Surprising too, the servers were crashing all over the place.

I gots mine!!

Thanks woot! Now the fun begins…

Almost. Couldn’t get a fast enough connection through the site. Had all my info in and got the “sale is sold out” bit. Maybe next time.

I miraculously managed to get one despite the servers being slow/unavailable even more so than usual.

Major fail! Did Woot get their server from a bag of random crap?!

After too many failures during the order, I’m losing interest in Crap.

Frick! Five more minutes, Woot! That’s all I needed!

Stupid slow drivers…

Yay carp!

Thank. you. woot!

o poo poo
I’m pretty sure I lost this due to my awesome ability to type in my woot password incorrectly. :frowning:
would have been a perfect bday gift to myself

Argh. 15 minutes for the order page to load. Then I click submit, and it only takes a few seconds to respond that the item is sold out. This is effing lame.

Crapless again, naturally.

a I really didn`t wanted…and I forgot about it…but I scored it!!!
previous dozen times…emotionally faild…

scpreddddddd…I hope it really is crappyyy

I got all the way to the absurdly large button and the servers crashed. I am now 0/10 on the Boggy old creatures

2 for 2 on box of calenders so excited

YES!! in for one…

got 1 after striking out many times.

That was dumb… I had everything in way long before it sold out and it was loading… loading… loading… Sorry sold out… Blah!!!

Got me a Bandolier of Carrots today. Hurray!! I never got to the confirmation page, but the emails showed up with a conf. #, so I’m good to go. Thanks Woot. Love you.

In for one!