Razer Barracuda AC-1 Sound Card





This thing got 3.5 stars on Amazon. Not bad. Lots of reviews there.

86/100 on alaTest. Pretty good.


Could someone convince a fellow that’s just using motherboard integrated sound that he needs one of these?


bought one last time this was up. works great with my logitech z5500. drivers are pretty garbage, but they work well enough for my house computer to watch movies on.

made my sound able to get a lot louder, cleaner and crisper than my onboard garbage


this seems like a good price.

they are over $100 everywhere else.

wish i needed one.


my 10 year old sound blaster card is still going strong and sounds as good as my $20 speakers get


Got a good sound card already, but would jump at this if I didn’t


Got one on a past Woot-Off. I love it. Great card…worth the money


If you buy this you might as well buy the headphones from sellout.woot.com.


got this card last time. awesome build quality and even better sound quality. highly recommended by this audiophile


And how convenient that these are available over at sellout.woot.


whats the point in having a sound card that you have to plug something in to plug the rest of your things in? I’d rather just have them all go straight into my tower, not have something stick out a few extra inches.


got this one of the other times, not the greatest sound cars out there but pretty good for the price,


No worky on the Vista carp OS I see.


got this one of the other times, not the greatest sound cars out there but pretty good for the price


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Razer Barracuda AC-1 Sound Card
by Wootbot Wednesday April 2, 2008 12:00 AM

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Own it. Like it. Good price. Better than integrated but if you need to be convinced of that I wouldn’t bother. Only thing I didn’t like is having to rig it so I could use headphones or speakers (or both) without the front panel (I run a minimal case that doesn’t have front panel audio). Had to spend $3 extra dollars at the Shack to get that to work.


I JUST salvaged my old sound card from my last computer. Looks like a great price though.


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