Razer DeathAdder 3500 Gaming Mouse


ANOTHER ONE!!! Raaaagggggggge


so ya think we are going 3 days?

Is this good? I need a new mouse! Anyone have experience with it?

Woot killer, I f*rt in your general direction!

Pretty good deal for a Deathadder mouse.

I would buy this if I had a computer to go with it but SOMEBODY pulled the computer off woot before I had a chance to purchase it earlier.

Picked up this mouse a while back from woot. Awesome mouse I love it.

It’s not bad if you need a mouse. I have it’s more expensive cousin.

Seems like a lot for a used mouse that someone broke.

Oh Woot, you’ve gone and made me sad.

Still not the boc try again tommorow round 5 i have big school pressintation coming up wish me luck!!

I had one of these a while ago (not wooted) and it was great for a few months. After a few months of intense clicking the left click button started to stick, and then totally failed on me.

Its a great gaming/design mouse but the durability was lacking.

Yerp, Loved mine, but replaced it with a Naga.

Don’t say that! They might put it back!

3 days…woo whooo

Note the refurb…

We could really use some action figures.