Razer m100 Pro|Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone

Razer m100 Pro|Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone

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    1 Razer m100 Protone In-Ear Earphone
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Highly recommend! I’ve been waiting for these to come back around.

well here is a relevant post…

i own these.
gave one to my brother in law, one to my wife and use one myself.

very comfortable overall, not excellent for running as they tend to slip out no matter who is wearing them.

great for everyday use, very good noise isolation and good bass overall. not tinny, good treble, so i would highly recommend them.

PERFECT! The last pair I bought -just- got so worn out they broke not 2 days ago…and I wasn’t about to spend $30 (or more) for 1 pair from Amazon! <3 woot

I love them especially because my ears are small, and these fit perfectly, no pain, no falling out, even when i run…dont know what the above post is about…the cord is not too short either!

Wow, Woot must have buildings full of these…they’re up every 2 weeks!

That said, same as last time…I own 2 pairs, like them, find them very confortable, the design is imprinted on there, sound is decent, and they sit outside of your ear. Only down side is cord is REALLY short.

Yadda yadda, great headphones for the price.

In for 3, bought 1 a while back for $20 and really liked them.


After months of waiting and checking and staying up late… They’re HERE!

Last time around they were ~ $34 (2x Tuesday [or $17 each]), and I was wishing that I had bought more. I just lost my last pair, and this makes my day.


in for 3!

These are AWESOME earbuds. Great sound and superb isolation. They rock in the noisy dish-room at work.

Note that, like many in-ear earbuds, they plug your ears. Walking, jogging, or biking with them may be awkward and I do not recommend it.

But seriously, grab some. You won’t regret it… and those of us who already have some have waited a long time for them to come up again. In for three! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and for the curious, the cord is asymmetrical and, unfortunately, rather short.

these headphones are AWESOME. i never even took the iPod Touch headphones out of the case because these are better anyway. Fantastic sound quality and cancel 100% of noise (btw, i also have a pair of Bose Triports). highly recommend.

every 2 weeks?? liess

been waiting for these to come up for months! thanks woot.

I’ve not had too many issues with them falling out while running, except when I get my arm twisted up in the cord. The noise isolation can make hearing your breathing a bit annoying though.

I got a pair of these about a year ago when they were up, and absolutly love em. As other have stated…not so great for running, but in ear earphones are meant for that. I use these at a concrete lab when i am jackhammering, and on the bus when i go back and forth to campus, and can say that they do a great job at blocking out noise in both situations.

I’m in for two…one for gift…one for when i inevitably lose the set i have.

I have about 25 pairs of earphones and headphones bought on Woot. Great as gifts.

In for three. Sigh.

got these probably a year ago. they’ve got a really good sound (not tinny, plenty of depth, no distortion at normal audio levels) and good for noise isolation like stated above. not perfect, but definitely well worth the $20. i’ve never been a big fan of in-the-ear or earbud headphones, but again…these make me quite happy.

and if you get them, and are confused over the one long wire and the one short one…the wire is suppose to go behind your neck…seen too many posts in the past about “i don’t get it…one’s long and one’s short…nyur”

Dang, I guess I’ve got to buy 2 sets…I need a backup and my mom wants a set.

Ditto to everyone else’s post about these earphones being great!! My girlfriend broke them a few weeks back and I’ve been dying waiting for Woot to come back with these! Definitely the best pair of earphones I’ve ever owned, the way they fit in your ear is not only comfortable, but it does a great job of drowning out the ambient noise and letting you focus on blowing your eardrums out. Also a great way to ignore someone when you’re fighting. =P


Have three sets of these. One for me, one for my son, and one backup set. Great sound and very comfortable. Will transmit sound from contact with the cord, so not good for running, but fine for walks. Isolates sound very well, so they’re great for mowing the yard or blocking out the crying baby in the plane seat behind you.

it says one black and one white. Will I get 2 pairs or just one pair of white or black ?