Razer m100 Pro/Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphones



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Razer m100 Pro/Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphones
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Razer m100 Pro/Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone (Black)


Previously bought these on the Two for Tuesday, great headphones!


these are great ive gotten them before




I know woot sells these every four days or so, but they are really good. I have a pair and love them.


The are 10x better than any other headphones I have ever had.


be nice if they made bluetooth a2dp earphones


I love my m250’s. How do these stack up?


Yes I do own and use these also was purchased from woot!. Sound quality is amazing, and packs all the bass needed.


These are actually really good headphones for a good price. They’re comfortable and have excellent sound quality.


I completely agree -fantastic earbuds! Well worth it!


Bought the white ones. Nice sound, but when I jog, I really hear the “thump thump” of my feet due to the rubber design of the earpiece. Very annoying, so I went back to my old earphones


sweet earbuds, great all-purpose, good sound, yadda yadda

but I got em on Two for Tuesday :slight_smile:


just got these at the last woot-off…cya later


is Conen Conan’s twin brother?


I picked up a pair of these on an earlier Woot! and they are surprisingly comfortable. They also do a pretty good job of blocking out noise without the bulky electronic noise-cancelation technology. I’d like the cord to be a bit longer, but it will suffice.


I loved these so much, I already Wooted 3 pair before. Worth every penny!


For $14.99 plus shipping and handling, this looks like it both sucks and blows.


I got these in the two for two pack. They work really well so I’d say it’s a good deal.