Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones – 2-Pack



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Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones - 2-Pack
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones (White)
  • 1 Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones (Black)


Awesome, it includes a defunct airline plug adapter.




Aw, I spent 30 for ONE pair a while ago.


I’ve bought these earphones, they’re great. Totally worth the buy and better than the sony in-ear phones I had too.


I got a pair of the in ear ones on woot last time and they were just average. Nothing to write home about but they did the job.


who has actually used these? how is the sound quality?




Aww got all excited thought it was the in ear buds been waiting missed those last few times


bought some m100’s a while back, and am not disappointed. Those were buds though, anything else, I think I’d rather use my sennheisers.


Razer having a hard time moving inventory?


“…With light & compact construction, the sleek metal discs cling effortlessly to the curvature of the ears …”

That kills me. Curvature of the ears.


They had ear buds from these guys a while back, but I don’t remember these. Those were great, and I’m sure these are too. 50Hz isn’t that great for a low end, though. Subs don’t usually kick in until 80Hz, so that seems a bit weak to me.


What makes these headphones/buds worth 15 USD a piece?


i got these last time and im happy with them. find a friend and spit them


i have the noise canceling headphones from the same company that i got off woot a couple months ago, same deal, black and white pair. I love them. great brand great quality. Also, the case that the ones i have came with is almost worth the price alone. For the noise canceling headphones you can fit a 30 gig ipod, the headphones, the extra ear pieces, and the plane adaptor in the case. The case on these appears to be the same one. Its great if you dont have a specific place for your ipod.


Actually, Continental still uses the 2 prong plugs so they aren’t defunct yet. In fact, if you don’t have the 2 prong you only get 1 channel sound which sucks with regular headphones during a flight.


You’ll live. If it’s that bad, um. Just miss out next time? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way… this product description was not very funny. >_>


I was waiting on the Razer Pros from last time - in ears - would have wooted those again. They are great. I have one and my girlfriend has the other. Would have been cool to have a couple of extras around…