Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse

It’s not categorized or even marketed as a gaming mouse. It’s a notebook mouse.

From Razer:

Most reviews say “meh”, but there really aren’t that many bluetooth mice out there. So aside from the magic mouse, this was one of the best options I’ve seen if you must have bluetooth (which I do, since macbooks only have 2 USB ports). Plus, it’s red! HAIL SATAN!

Can anyone recommend a good full-size Bluetooth mouse?

These “notebook” mice hurt my wrists very quickly.

5 stars on Buzzillions.

84/100 on Alatest

Pink? Pink! My daughter will LOVE this! Just in time for her b-day!

If this is still here later I may get one. I anyone has a free shipping coupon I will get one. I didn’t want to spend that much on a new mouse for my laptop but it does seem like a good price and product.

Hmmmmmmm…goodnight for now.

I walked into my kitchen about 20 feet away and through a few walls and a click worked. Can’t say anything about actual response as it’s hard to be that far away and use my laptop. This was with a lenovo X200s.

The necessary Bluetooth Dongle is $1.97 with Free Shipping

(for those of you who didn’t read the description)

Nice deal there.

That is, unless you have integrated bluetooth.

This mouse is ideal for a netbook.

These are not worth it because they are optical (not laser) mice. Once you go laser, you never look back.

Laser mice use less energy, are more accurate, can track on many surfaces optical mice can’t (e.g. glass, glossy surfaces, pilly carpet), and are not much more expensive than these. If you look hard enough, you can even find a wireless laser mouse the same price as this woot deal.

This is almost like woot trying to cell CRT monitors. Don’t buy these dinosaur bones.

Great office idea: Get a few of them and configure them to control the computers of the people who have the cubicles around you. Line them up, and move them around erratically when you’re bored. Listen for the screams of “What the hell?!” coming from all directions. Office fun.

This is why I asked about the range.

Very nice… as is evident by shirt.woot.com… a bluetooth mouse is the newest and guessing, bestest mouse out there.

Now, is it the best mouse for you???

Here is a video that may help you decide.

PS: What is the code again to shrink image size?

The Wireless Mighty mouse is laser, correct?

qft. Laser was the best thing ever implemented into mice. I just need to get another back for my mighty mouse :frowning:

According to a CNET editor responding to a question about the difference (URL below), neither is better than the other, and people who aren’t gamers or graphic artists may find an optical mouse easier to use because laser mice are too sensitive. :shrug:

No green one for St. Patrick’s Day?

not sure how it is going to work, but don’t care; I need one of these for my new netbook that has integrated bluetooth…we shall see.

Thank you for reading my mind once again Woot! got a wireless router for me? =)

Awesome. I’ve been looking at getting 1 of these for the past few days. Can’t pass up this price and they have black. In for 1.

In for two, even though I only need one at the moment. I was looking for a Bluetooth wireless mouse a couple weeks back, and it was almost comical how difficult they were to find, particularly for a decent price. I don’t understand why they’re so hard to find…

I ended up settling for a wireless one that requires a USB dongle - I still paid more than I wanted to, and still had to unnecessarily use up one of my MacBook’s preciously scarce USB ports - it’s almost like there was no point in going wireless. Frowny face. Would that you guys would have been selling these things weeks ago, Woot!

Now how 'bout a decently-priced, decent-quality Bluetooth keyboard?

Quick-Start Guide

This seems to be the only file they have about this model. No manual since there is no driver. Just plug and play.

Here is a picture I extracted from the PDF. It’s a diagram of the mouse.


The energy usage of a laser vs that of an LED isn’t substantial enough to make a difference, seeing as LEDs don’t use much energy in the first place.

Laser mice also have a higher propensity to jitter and are not as accurate with fast movements, such as using a low sensitivity and a large mousing area, something which is often used for competitive play. This is why there are many gaming mice that still use an optical system.

Laser mice are better if you like high sensitivities and you don’t want to move your hand much for your on-screen movements. Optical mice are better if you keep your sensitivity lower for accuracy, and make large, swiping motions for your on-screen movements.

For gaming, having a sensor that’s always-on and a high polling rate are far more important than a laser sensor, and I’d say that for the most part, laser mice are riding on marketing and hype.

The things that worry me about this device is that nothing is said about it being in an always-on state, which would be the most important thing you would need from a gaming mouse. As a result, this strikes me as simply being an average rebranded bluetooth mouse.

Here’s what I’m talking about:
Product page:

Nothing about polling rates at all. In fact, very little information about features.

Compare this to the other mouse on that page:

Tons of info about its performance.

So, in conclusion, this is probably a fine bluetooth mouse, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s not a gaming mouse(see the Orochi for a bluetooth gaming mouse), and that shouldn’t be your reason for buying it. Also, I’m kind of annoyed it’s Razer branded because it’s not a gaming mouse, and it’s misleading.

Most laptops these days have integrated Bluetooth so no USB dongle is required. Very convenient. In for 3.