Reebok 25 lb. Adjust-a-Weight Dumbbell

Nice! My wife got me 1 of these for Christmas, but couldn’t find a second one. Although the plastic dial feels flimsy, it’s a pretty nice set.

These might become the quintessential part of my weight loss program in January.

I suspect it is actually “5 dumbbells in 1”, not 4-in-1 as stated in the description. The specs list “5, 10, 15 & 25 pounds”, but one of the pics clearly shows a 20-lb option as well.

Hmmmm, good point. (Update: It’s fixed)

Something to keep in mind: the 5-lb. option is just the framework (handle) without any of the plates locked in. It is quite a bit more bulky and awkward than a regular 5-lb. dumbbell. (The same applies to 10-lb. and 15-lb. as well.)

You might want to consider what types of motion will be involved with your planned exercises.

Is 5-25 pounds a good range for the exercises you’d use dumbells for?

Yes, it is. Shoulders would be lower weight for most people. Triceps and biceps would depend if you’ve actually worked out, often, your build, and your goal, whether to tone or bulk up. I wish these were a pair. Do not feel like shelling out $60 for two.

I have the slightly different design silver plate version of this where you slide a spring loaded pin, and these are hard to find for under $50 each. If this works the same, you can set each side differently if you want to adjust in 2.5lb increments (eg set one side to 20 and the other side to 25 and you have 22.5 lbs).

I’m with you, but they’re ordinarily $80, and a comparable product at Target is twice as much as you’d pay for two sets here.

This is more comparable at $70 being the same brand, and happens to be the version I have.

saw these for $20 at big lots tonight…didnt realize they were such a deal.

saw someone else writing in a forum about them being $20 at Big Lots… Woot - you gotta do better.

Saw 1 of these for $15 at Biglots today, better try there.

Considering the weight of these to send, this is a very good deal with the $5 shipping. Id like 2 but am tapped out after Xmas… lol

The amazon reviews show one of those ‘sharp divisions’ where it’s either 4-5 stars of “I love it, works great” or 1 star of “Broke.” I think that’s why you’re finding these at Big Lots, because there was an unacceptably high defect rate. So you might get one of the good ones, but you might also get one that breaks apart.

Time for one long post. Yeah, I saw the same thing at Amazon. For $29.99 for one, it’d be a calculated risk (especially with no Big Lots near me). Those who didn’t like it said it was broke and needed a new one sent due to flimsy packaging and/or flimsy (or had to put things back together). If it worked from the start, pretty much people happy with it. Here’s the Amazon link–$55.99 for one:

Other links:
$55.98 before it sold out online at Best Buy (no reviews):;tab=reviews?id=1218325916876&skuId=2415612

Walmart 3rd party retailer $69.99, again no reviews

From the looks of it, can you set asymmetric weight on each side (Scottman54 said something about this above)? I couldn’t find anything on Reebok’s site, but Bowflex has a dumbbell manual for their multiweight dumbells, so I suppose you could use their guide:
their guide here is in non-pdf googledocs form but it has a pdf form, too, and for the other dumbbells:

Other web-based training routine options:

and you can do a google/youtube viedo search for videos galore for training, or a poster search if you’d prefer.

Sorry, have to get up in less than 5 hours. Have to stop at this. Hope this helps.

Oh, one more thing. I think it’s spelled “dumbbell”, not “dumbell” for what it’s worth.
[MOD: Yep, fixed the wrong ones. Thanks!]

I went and looked at these at Big Lots this morning. They actually have these for $20/ea or a set of 12.5lbs ones for $20/pair.

It looked basically like the weights had thrown up all over the end cap. The handles were there but the weights had fallen off. I believe what happened is someone would pick them up and since they were zip tied to the base, someone would adjust the weight setting and the weight would slip out. It was impossible for me to match a pair because the BL staff wouldn’t cut the ties, and I couldn’t figure out which weights belonged where without being able to use it.

So basically, they use a cheap plastic contact point for when it sits on the base, and it pushes the plastic tabs holding the dial in place upwards, letting you rotate the dial. You can see the small grey plastic tabs on the sides of the dial in the picture.

The entire thing is plastic, except for the tension springs, I presume. Also, there’s a raised spot on the base that pushes the plastic plate in, and there’s a very specific “sweet spot” for these to sit in and, since its plastic, it has a tendancy to miss from the looks of it. It took me a good two or three tries before I realized that’s what was happening and why I couldn’t turn the dial. The might explain reviews of “broke” on amazon.

I don’t think the plastic piece would hold up under serious usage. These might be great for light usage though.

In addition to what getbigtony (clearly good credentials there, haha) said, it depends on what you’re doing with your dumbbells. There are full-body workouts that call for dumbbells. That includes bench presses, squats, etc. Typically the rest of your body is going to outpace your arms, so you’d need more weight if you’re looking for an all-in-one workout.