Return of the Crap

Return of the Crap
Price: $3
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Oct 24 to Wednesday, Oct 29) + transit
Condition: Crappy


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Dang… that lasted less than a minute. :frowning:

that was fast

damn you log in…

how the heck did i miss it?! i was right on top of it… great Caesars ghost.

Had one in my cart! Noooooooooo!

That lasted less then 10 seconds. It was sold out by the time I clicked proceed to checkout at 15 seconds after it appeared.

Woot, Oh Woot…why must you log me out and not tell me until I try to get a BoC??

It was at 98%. I added one to my bag. It said I had one in my cart BUT it said I hadn’t logged in, even though I’d put something in my cart earlier in the Woot-Off, so it put up my prefilled login stuff and I clicked Log In. By the time it logged me in, the BoCs were all sold out. GEEZ :stuck_out_tongue: Way to reward longtime customers, Woot.

WHAT THE EFF WOOT!?? I was just logged in and you’re making me log in again… with a Captcha this time! What the crap… absolutely ridiculous… what is your log-in timeout, about 30 seconds?

Frackin’ bots… or was there only one bag for sale?

Had it in my cart, but couldn’t check out with it…

Sounds kinda like roach motels… BOC’s check in… but you can’t check out.:slight_smile:

Better luck next time

Fastest one I’ve ever seen. It was already gone when I refreshed…WTH!

Got one! I got stuck on place my order so I thought I was out of luck, but then never even saw the Antechamber of Doom.

added to the cart, but the system never let me proceed to checkout. :frowning: sad panda indeed!

Got as far as the last step. But then denied.

and I sat through that whole lightbulb thing, too.

Weird. Wootstalker never even updated to show the crap. Had to refresh myself, and by then it was gone.

Darn…had one in my cart but had to sign in again…no BOC for me.

Holy crap I finally got one! First one after years of attempts.