Reusable Washable Black Masks (6-Pack)

Reusable Washable Black Masks (6-Pack)

Where are these manufactured?



How many layers of material?

Howdy. Two layers.

lasercut? I can’t distinguish clearly from the only pic available

What type of material are these made of?

These are 94% Polyester & 6% Spandex.

Yes, they’re laser cut halves and then sewn together.

That would mean these masks are only 60% effective. If you are buying them to protect against Covid you’re going to have to add a layer of cotton.

I will pass as this kind of material is not easy to breathe through. I will look for cotton or some other type.


60% is decent for civilian-level masks. A regular cotton mask will block 50% of particulate matter at the virus sized level.

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Not a bad price, and seem ok for quick use. I mean really, we are wearing the masks more for the societal psychological benefit vs the actual benefit. We have no way of knowing, or confirming, whether each person’s mask is effective, but it seems to make us happy to see them…


We certainly do have ways of knowing, and confirming, that wearing a mask does, in fact, help to limit YOUR droplets from spreading to others. It’s what we call scientific fact. Whether certain individuals want to believe that science or not. We DO have ways of knowing.

Wearing masks like this protect OTHERS from YOUR droplets. Your masks saves me. My mask saves you. There’s nothing psychological about it. It’s about having the simple respect for others as well as respecting our healthcare workers, doing our part to help limit the number of ICU cases.


Can you use the mask filters with these?

The one’s I use now have one side open so you can insert one of those disposable filters – don’t know how much added protection they give, but they do cut down on dust & odors.


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Hi there. These do not have a pocket for an additional filter.


Just use good common sence… In public

Those don’t seem to be the same, reviews says those are single-layer. This woot is for double-layer one.

Yes, of course. And for you we will also say that your auto’s seat belt and shoulder harness, or air bags, are also just for psychological effect. You should know those restraints are not 100% effective at stopping traffic deaths. The only 100% effective method would be eliminate those would be eliminate all collisions.
No mask is a 100% guarantee of protection. But even a tissue or handkerchief is recognized as a method to significantly reduce the spray from someones sneeze. In this same way it is obvious that reducing the moisture droplets a person passes to others will reduce the quantity of virus spores if that person happens to already be infected. Since this is a potentially deadly infection, reducing the number of virus available to infect the public will slow down infection rates. We know this. What we don’t know is by how much it will slow down infections.
Of course if this were not a deadly disease we would be better off infecting every one now and just get over it. Two to four weeks of most of this country at home because they are ill would cost far less than the 6 months to a year that our economy will be limping along during the various shutdowns.

We had 6 kids in our family. When one of the middle kids came down with chicken pox my mom made us all sleep together in the living room on a “camp in” and so we soon all had chicken pox. 3 weeks later we were all done.

Too bad we can’t afford to try this tack with Covid. This is NOT the common cold, and wearing a mask is the least one can do to try and not make things any worse than they are.

Unfortunately, the more we slow down the spread, the longer it will be before the virus “burns itself out”. I wonder at the biology scientists (some call them doctors) who state that we will not achieve “herd immunity” until there is a better than 60% or 70% exposure to the virus, and that we are currently at like 35-40% at most. Then in the next breath they say we are not doing enough to to prevent infections and spread of the disease. How do you get from 40% exposure to 75% exposure without significant spread of the disease. So they want to prevent “herd immunity”?


Warning - the straps don’t stretch at all. Fit big kids and most women. If your head is closer to the size of Dwayne Johnson or Dave Bautista (if like me you find yourself on the last one or 2 snaps in those snap backed ball caps) you will find these uncomfortably tight.