Ring Bearer


Wow, Ryan Reynolds has really let himself go.

Why does he look like a superhero?


I’m an idiot

OMG Gollem meets Green Lantern? What a mashup, Apelad…

My precious wants to take forms… yes… it will cause others to buy this tee… yes!

Karl Pilkington is getting famous.

Knew it was an Apelad, always fun to see your distinctive + cartoony slant…so is this a reboot or a mashup? Or just a swamp gas induced nightmare?

Leni Riefenstahl

Because he’s the Green Lantern! Or Gollum Lantern? Or something like that.

Now THIS is clever. Definitely a recognizably humorous shirt to wear this summer :slight_smile:

Naturally, his mortal enemy is Gandalf the Yellow and his wooden staff.

It’s a mashup. Green Gollum.

was about to buy this before i noticed the green lantern crap

here i am thinking of some witty comment on how smeagul looks like the green lantern when i finally read the shirts name and description facepalm

Nicely posed to cover the copyrighted chest logo

Really, this shirt is precious…

I am tempted to buy this and wear it to the big opener Thursday night.

Should’ve been Larfleeze… although maybe then it wouldn’t be parody since he actually is like that with his rings/lantern.

In brightest Shire, no, in blackest Mordor, no…no dirty, stinking, tater-worshipping hobbitses will escape with my precioussss.

already bought and overnighted even though i’m going to the midnight screening in full GL garb