Ring Solar Panel - Your Choice of Color

Ring Solar Panel - Your Choice of Color

Anyone know if this will work with an Arlo Pro 2 camera?

Did you read the description?

Designed exclusively for charging the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and Stick Up Cam Battery

Yes, I did. I read somewhere that is will work and I’m debating on trying it. Said it has the same connector, and the Arlo branded one has about the worst reviews on Amazon that I’ve ever read.

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I would give it a try ,if it was me…output on the two are pretty close and most of the time when I meter the output on these and little power supplies the outputs are never right on the money. As far as the plugs , if they are not comparable you could always just cut the plugs off and hard wire it. Should just be two wires , a negative and a positive . You can test the two wires from the solar panel , in the sun, with a battery tester or multi-meter . The needle on either will bury itself in the negative if you get the leads reversed . Harbor Freight sells a cheap little multi-meter for $6.39 . Maybe contact Arlo customer service on the color code on the two wires from it. Hope this helps you. Maybe others can add to this or correct any of my comments they think are wrong. Here is the link for cheap meter plus if you get any of their coupons they sometimes have it offered free with coupon. https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive/diagnostic-testing-scanning/multimeters-probes-testers/7-function-digital-multimeter-63759.html

woot ring solar panel OUTPUT IS 2.2W, 5.2VDC
solar panel for arlo pro 2 OUTPUT IS 2W/6V.

Thank you very much for the comment!