Rock Out With Your Sock Out

No thanks. One size fits all socks don’t fit me at all. I end up with the heal section sticking up out of my shoe.

The Socks Pistols?

Band names may include “The Buzzsocks” and “The Revolting Socks.”

WIN ^---- ^-----

Eh, I’d be in on the Steve Madden ones for girls IF it were 3 patterns and not one filler pair of black.

Song names:

Sox on the Flag
I Want your Sox
Sox on the Radio


dammit! i missed the happy socks. sure you can’t scrounge up a few pairs for me?

One size fits all socks are the ONLY One size items that Do fit me. Anyone have these that can tell me if the ankles are tight or loose fitting? They look like they are not too tight but I hate the “athletic sock” type tops. And, are they soft or just regular sock type feel?

False advertisement. I bought a pair, thinking I’d get what’s in the picture. Wrong. I got stupid pink stripes and pink crap all over them. WTF? I want my money back.

Jeez, I’m sorry about that. Please email your order info and issue to; CS can get things taken care of for you.