RocketSocket Extraction Socket Set

RocketSocket Extraction Socket Set

2 questions:
Why do they include a hex adapter? Do they really think that enough torque can be applied to remove a stuck nut or bolt with a screwdriver handle or a cordless drill?

In the last picture “A MUST HAVE TOOL” three of the four pictures are of plumbing? How is a socket set used on plumbing?

I have to confess every time this comes up I am tempted because I live in the northeast and rust on automotive fasteners is a way of life but it’s expensive and, unless I heat, lube, hit, I normally just break off the nut or bolt head when I apply a lot of force.

I agree @vwtick this seems tempting. For many of us it is just easier to snap the head off the bolt and replace the bolt. You can buy a lot of hardware for the $50 this costs. It is a great idea for a real problem, at $30 I might consider it.

i have a snapon version of these…work amazing, i paid over 100 for them and the time and energy saved has been well worth it, especially when rounding nuts and bolts…i also am able to use them to remove studs…destroys whatever i take out but normally i dont care when it gets to that point lol

It’s probably more for things that aren’t too tight, but have been rounded out or stripped.

That works, unless you’re trying to remove something like a lag bolt.

A lag spike is the cure for that.

Hello @vwtick! I ran your questions by the manufacturer, and here is the response I was given:

  • A hex adapter in included as a bonus to give you the option. You do not have to use it, and impact tools are not necessary for these sockets to work.
  • These sockets can be used in any application that involves damaged fasteners (e.g.; plumbing, automotive, industrial maintenance, food processing, home use etc.) Our pictures were an attempt to show the utility and versatility of the sockets.
  • These sockets won’t necessarily stop things from breaking, but they are designed to be used when standard tools will not work.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!!

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Seeing that my m18 impact take lug nuts off with an adapter I’m sure it’s useful.

“Why do they include a hex adapter? Do they really think that enough torque can be applied to remove a stuck nut or bolt with a screwdriver handle or a cordless drill?”

For the smaller nut and bolt sizes a simple screwdriver handle may be all that you need, especially if the hardware is rounded-off and a wrench won’t work. For some smaller projects the power of an impact wrench would be way too much.

The hex adapter is more likely to be used with an impact driver (one of those “must have” tools I didn’t know I needed until I started using one) which will give you more torque than a cordless screwdriver or drill but less than an impact wrench.

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Would a rubber mallet work?

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Only if your rubber mallet came with a 1/2" square male or 1/4" hex female adapter! But that would make it quite possibly the most unusual mallet in the world…

I suppose you could cobble together a combination of a socket handle and extension to drive this socket you COULD hit that with a mallet to turn it - but at that point we’re just building bicycles for fish. Yeah, you could do it… but why?