Roku HD-XR Player

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Roku HD-XR Player
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Roku N1101 HD-XR Wireless Media Player

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Why Gatzby! You have such beautiful french tips!

Um… what even is this thing?

Here’s the manufacturer page

Excellent review at CNet

I have to say, very good media player, at a very nice price! Having used this, it is much better than the new Apple TV!

Thanks. It was a struggle to find a manicurist that did them just so in Seattle, but I think she nailed it.

Man Hands

$99.99 New on The Amazon

4/5 Stars w/ 267 reviews.

now there’s something media?

ok, that was good. how long were you sitting on that gem? hehe.

Good deal! $99 @ Amazon:

Good price. Have it, love it, use it everyday! Use it primarily for netflix but we do use amazon on demand and pandora almost weekly. Occasionally some of the other misc. Channels.

Product testimonials from the brand site.

Product Website

I’m assuming there’s no subscription required for this?

edit: yep, looks like it uses existing subscriptions. cool!

demo of product

How do you know that when you haven’t even owned or tried the new Apple TV???

i own the xr, this is a great device, its tiny and i watch my netflix and vod from amazon, i say go in for at least 1

Ba dum ch!