Roku Ultra 4K UHD Streaming Media Player

Roku Ultra 4K UHD Streaming Media Player

What version are these? Some of the earlier gen 4’s had more ram for channel storage and didn’t need a micro sd card (and they had better performance).

Model number is 4661XB. Is there something else you’re needing?

Nope. Except I need to update my phone browser. It didn’t show the model on my screen. Now on PC. I see it. Seems to be the latest version except they feel the need to cut the ram down for channel storage. If you are a heavy streamer, you need the extra or the device will tell you to get better performance, add memory, every time you add another channel. Nice price though. I’ve got 2 gen4’s and a few 3’s (6 total). If anything, they are great to access your home media server or NAS boxes if you are not a big Netflix/Prime/Hulu user :blush:

This was what I was seeing.

That looks like it’s from the forums. I got the info from the sale page.

No biggy. Figured you’d be on top of it. Using a watered down version of OPERA on the phone. When I went to my PC, I seen the model as you sent your initial replay. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

Is it easy to upgrade from my current player to this model?

There’s really nothing to upgrade. When you REGISTER this device with your ROKU account, it should download/install all your current channels. If anything, you will need to re-log in, into your Netflix, Hulu, etc… accounts so it will recognize the device. When I went to gen 4 devices, all my channels that I had on my generation 2’s and 3’s were on the 4’s without me having to re-install anything. I would suggest stick a 1gb or more microSD card in the slot on the roku so channels render faster. If you don’t have enough memory, it will popup telling you to add one for better performance. And if you are not going to use the device for while, I’d take the batteries out of the remote. If not, after a few months, you might hear this annoying “clicking” noise coming from your remote basic only to find it’s the remote telling you the batteries are low and the remote eats power even when not in use. Guest bedroom doesn’t get used much so I’m finding it needs batteries every 6 months or so. So, I just started removing them.

What warranty do these come with?

Good morning. We list the warranty at the bottom of the features.

Warranty: 90 Day Roku

Got mine the other day, opened it yesterday. Found it didn’t have an optical out as the picture and the spec suggested. I am returning it, as I need the optical out in order to get surround sound (as I continue to avoid upgrading my receiver to 4K). Anyway, thought someone might want to update the spec and the gallery so it doesn’t imply the unit comes with an optical port.