Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner

These things are great for getting pet messes off your beige carpet.

Trust me. It was horrific. A few passes with the Rug Doctor and no more poop kaleidoscope.

Woot did you steal these from the grocery store?

Another product video from BPR2


Why do none of the Woot ones come with the stair tools? Ugh.

I may get this anyways - just talked it over with the wife a couple days ago and decided to clean ours instead of getting new.

does this clean tile? or just carpet?

Rug Doctor Page

The unit cleans carpet, but RugDoctor sells an accessory for floor cleaning that attaches with a hose.

How well would this work for my carro?

This is a good deal. RugDoctor sells new ones for $600 and refurbs for $425. Costco’s price is about $400 but I believe their’s does come with the upholstery attachment. Also note, they have come out with a newer model the “X3”, but it is pretty comparable.

Thanks, y’all. In.

Once had a steam cleaning service come out. The dude kept going over the carpet and apologizing because his machine wasn’t really getting it completely clean. He final said I should rent a Rug Doctor. It was amazing how much more dirt the Dr got out.

I think this model is discontinued and not available new from RugDoctor.

Add the $90 hand tool to woot’s price, plus some for cleaning products, and they’re pretty much the same price. You could say it’s a wash.

I bought this last time 'round and I love it. It worked to take up some stains that I thought were in for life. The vacuum is great alone, but with the hand tool attachment it really completes the job well.

I would definitely suggest getting the hand tool accessory with it though because then you can spot clean and pre-treat heavily solid areas. You can clean right up to your baseboards and in tight corners with the hand tool - something that you can’t do with just the Mighty Pro alone. Also, with the hand tool you can clean your car’s floors/mats.

I bought my “rug doctor, Inc.” hand tool from Home Depot to save myself a little $$$ and it works flawlessly with this vacuum.

Link to the HDepot accessory HERE

By the way, the new models have plastic parts where this Mighty Pro has metal ones - something to consider

I dunno about this. I used to rent a rug doctor every 3 months because I have 3 dogs and like to have clean carpets.

I ended up buying a Hoover Dual V All Terrain and it worked a ton better AND it does hard floors (Tile, wood, linoleum). It works awesome and it was $215.

I bought this last time and I was glad I did. 2 weeks after receiving it my 2 yr old bundle of joy found a dry erase market and made a Picasso on the carpet. The rug dr got it out. Phew!

froogle cheapest $429.95 (vs. $329.99 here)

including Amazon $591, 4 stars for 24 reviews:

and $595 one 5 star, one 2 star:

$498 one review, 2 five-star ratings:

I’m guessing I have the right models below in comparison:

Was $448 at Walmart with 40 oz. solution when it was available:

Overstock: Refurbished $494.99 with 4 five-star reviews:

JCPenney: $499.99 new

I have one of these and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I did a LOT of research before buying this. The Hoovers and Bissels are made if a lighter plastic and reading reviews the first thing that happens is some plastic part will snap on you. The RugDoctors are the same beasts you see at a grocery store.

Pros: It cleans like nothing else. Excellent suction power and leaves the carpets barely damp. Durable, heavy plastic.

Cons: Heavy, bulky and harder to steer. Not pretty to look at. Hand holder is a bit low for taller people, husband is 6’1 and he has to bend a bit. Back may hurt once you’re done.

I have 4 kids, 2 dogs and a husband. Mine has pulled up “surprise” finds (like a spilled coke I didn’t know about behind the couch that was at least 2 months old), dirt tracked in by dogs and kids, spills from kids, etc. I have not once regretted this purchase. My MiL was envious at how much better mine cleaned compared to her Bissel. My mother bought one after I did to replace her Hoover.

Costco’s is a new X3 and it’s $359 plus tax (and shipping if you go that route) after $40 off at online checkout. That does include the hand tool and some cleaning solutions.

Lots of options…but the woot! deal is prittay, prittay, prittay…pretty good.

Used one of these in a Club of Ill-Repute that I used to bounce at, and was amazed at how much crap it pulled out of the carpet. Bissel and those other home ones can’t hold a candle to these bad boys!