Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner

I’m having a hard time deciding on this purchase (we bought a Kirby Sentria and it’s not doing it for us, so I’m looing into this deal on a shampooer) I love woot, and have never had an issue finding the best deal here. I don’t want buyers remorse, I want good, but not more “good” than I can use/need. When you said the the Hoover works a “ton better” I was surprised. I had the same experience as another wooter who had a cleaning company come over, who actually felt guilty at the poor cleaning job and referred us to getting a Rug Doctor at Savemart.
In what way does it work a ton better? I already like the $215 price, and the hard floor capabilities. I want the best, could you explain how it’s was so much better for you? (blacker water in the container, easier to move, faster drying time???) I need to know.

Dont buy, I regret it and I paid 299. It comes with nothing, you can get the newer model, brand new, with hand tool and cleaning chemicals for 400 from Costco, better deal.

I bought one nearly two years ago and LOVE it when it works…which is about every other time I use it…it loses its “prime” and even when i follow the directions to “re-prime” I have to take it in for service…which is under warranty but involves an hour trip to deliver…an hour home…wait to be called in a couple of weeks…an hour back to pick up then home again…I have had to repeat this cycle three times now…next time I take it in I am going to take a loss and see if I can get a store credit or SOMETHING!!!

Pro carpet cleaner here. We get a call every six months, or so, from someone who has overwet their carpet. Pretty much the worst thing you can do to a carpet and pad. A true professional grade machine (which costs $20,000+, btw) has 50 X the cleaning power of one of these “toys”. Maybe ok for touch-ups and spots, but one pass cleaning of an entire carpet - not gonna happen.

Bought this last time for my mother’s white carpets that have been murdered by a small white dog. She had previously paid a “professional” $600 to spot clean for approximately 4 hours. This thing did just as good of a job as the pros, and it was half the cost of a single pro cleaning. I did the entire upstairs and it looks SO much better. You simply cannot beat the value of this machine.

Good Morning All,
Since there are saying “New” in Box. Then we expact includes are:
Universal Hand Tool and Hose, (2) 48 OZ Oxy-Steam Carpet Cleaner, 24oz Spot & Stain Remover, 24oz Urine Eliminator, 24oz Hi-Traffic Pre-Treatment, 16oz Odor Remover, 32oz Upholstery Cleaner, 16oz Anti-Foam, & 5 Year Warranty. Because it said NEW in BOX, but all other thing I listed above is not listed on website. What is deal here.

I can’t get a refurb tablet, but I can get a rug cleaner delivered before Christmas…

If your rug has a case of the Mondays, this doc is for you!

I do regret that the rug dr didn’t come with the attachments.

I rent one of these one/year to clean white/light grey carpet. Works really well. Not sure if I would buy one though. Most supermarkets/homedepots rent them for pretty cheap. It’s a pretty bulky machine.

Arrives by Christmas… because every good husband knows his wife wants cleaning appliances for gifts!

Not trying to start a flame war here, but those kinds of “professionals” are the bane of the industry. $600 for 4 hours of unsatisfactory spot cleaning? Yikes! Again, no offence, but they gotcha. They make all of us true pros look bad, and thus make these types of low grade cleaning machines seem like a viable option.

Hey guys, professional custodian here. The quality of your carpet washing machine is secondary to the chemicals you use on your stains. All you need is a machine that sprays, brushes, and vacuums; everything else is dependent on your knowledge of which chemicals to use on which stains!

Durability also is usually not an issue for carpet machines, especially if you are going to be using it around the home.

Edit: For about $14,000 more you can purchase the primary machine I use at work:

(or you could buy a new car, your choice)

On the cover of the owner’s manual it states: "Universal Hand Tool and Hose (provided with selected models only.)

I’m guessing this model wasn’t selected.

With 4 kids and 2 cats, I need a rug mortician, not a doctor.

Costco X3 Pro 359.99 including the stair kit. Anyone know which is better X3 Pro or Pro wide

All are $599

I rented one of these this past weekend. It worked very well. The only complaint was the machine was disgustingly dirty when i picked it up (what else would you expect from a rental). I would buy one if I had not bought a bissel a few years ago. The bissel is nice except the brush does not put any pressure on the carpet - the RugDoc does. Place the rugdoc brush on the bissel and you would have a winner.

When my parents got old and couldn’t see the things they spilled on their white carpets, I discovered “Spot Shot” bought at Sams Club and Costco. It cleans up any and every stain. Just spray and wipe with a white paper towel. It’s like magic it works so good… doesn’t matter how old the stain is either. Love this stuff for stain removal. Not saying you shouldn’t buy a rug dr, but this is worth knowing about!!!

I meant to buy this when it was on woot last month but forgot to finalize the order and then it was gone. Saw it today and was going to buy when someone else posted that Costco has it. For a few bucks more I am able to get the stair attachment as well as the cleaning solution, as well as that famous Costco return policy if I run into issues with it. Worth the slight premium.

To those of you who talk about renting instead, I’ve heard stories of people getting Bed Bugs in their house due to these rental vacuums. That enough has scared me enough that I will no longer rent one of these machines.

Yikes! I’ve not heard stories of people getting bed bugs after renting a carpet cleaner, but with all the issues with the little critters, I’m not sure I’d want to rent one. I have a small carpet cleaner; wish I had the space for one of these!