Saitek USB Collapsible Joystick



Does anyone know the quality regarding the refurbished version of this?


Saitek USB Collapsible Joystick

  • $5 shipping
    1 Saitek ST90 USB Collapsible Joystick

NICE price for the joystick.


I wish I could get rid of the last one I bought- won’t work with Battlefield 2 :frowning:


I got three of these during the Woot Off. Great deal.


i’m fairly sure these have a bad record of actually being stable during use. but maybe it’s just my ineptness at using one…


Do they even make games that still use a joystick any more?

Its cheap, but I don’t play Flight Simulator


Neat, my little brother is collapsible too. It just takes a little more “oomph” to get him to fold up.


Huh?? How does it collapse???


Is there a place in Vegas we can place bets on when things will sell out? or not sell out???

I think there’s a market…


'Bout $4.98 too much.


I got this when it was new, though I think I paid $15 with the shipping. Works ok for a cheap joystick…


I got one of these last time around and have been using it a bunch. Its a lot of fun.

I have a nice Logitech one on my desktop and I keep this one in my laptop case. The fold out base is plenty sturdy when I use it (usually propped up on some books or the seat next to me on the train).

The only gripe I have is with the digital throttle. It only has a few levels it can be at so I end up having to set some keyboard buttons to handle throttle position, but hey, its $5 :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm, might be nice if i had a decent game to use it for…


just what i needed , a 5.00 joystick i can destroy when i lose at HL2!!



Aw, repeats aren’t very fun.

I think it’s cheaper than last time, isn’t it? But still… I’m more a console gamer than a PC gamer, heh.


no thanks, i’m not nerdy enough to play video games all day. good night



How many of these did they buy?

Looks like woot loves these and toasters :wink:


These things make GREAT robot legs if you find yourself entering a woot photoshop contest


It collapses accordian-style.