Salton Breadman Ultimate Dream Machine Breadmaker


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WOOT™!!! That’s right… just plain WOOT!!! I’m in a good mood after getting in for 3 of last night’s woot. Definitely worth it!

Not sure we will see a BOC so soon now. But you never know!!

A bread maker? Even this is weird for WOOT. Great price though if you want it. Looks like the best price on Froogle is $199.

http://www.whatsyourdeal.comGreat Deals, coupon codes and freebies.

Salton Breadman Ultimate Dream Machine Breadmaker
Atkins be damned!
$129.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

The ancient Egyptians knew the value of warm, wholesome bread. No gooey, cakelike Wondercrud for them – they’d sow, tend and harvest the wheat, and then grind and pound it into a fine flour, and finally bake it for hours in clay moulds on an open hearth. The inevitable tiny stones and grains of sand baked into the bread ravaged the teeth of the Coptic panophiles, hastening tooth decay and, ultimately, death.

But not for you. Thanks to the Salton Breadman TR4000 Ultimate Dream Machine Breadmaker, you can smother yourself in fresh, pliant bread with little more effort than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Like the lover of your dreams, Breadman is versatile and easily used, with a patented PDA-style touch screen, LCD control panel, a 24-hour delay timer, and a button to pause while in operation. Expecting dinner guests? An ample 2.5-pound loaf will show them you’re not the loser they’ve always thought you were. Into the weird stuff? Add fruits and nuts with astonishing ease. And unlike the bread of Pharaonic days, you needn’t worry about deadly, enamel-destroying rocks and sand.

We’ve even thrown in the finest bread-machine cookbook that the remainder bins can offer, Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine by Linda West Eckhart and Diana Collingwood Butts. (Yes, you must use three names to be a certified bread-making expert. It’s like a union thing.) If $129.99 seems high to you, any ancient Egyptian will tell you it’s a bargain.

Condition: New, Retail
Model: TR4000
Over 300 state-of-the-art programs
Bakes 1-1/2 lb., 2 lb., or 2-1/2 lb. loaf
Horizontal baking pan
59 minute start to finish rapid bake
Pizza and bread dough cycles
Whole wheat and rapid whole wheat cycles
Jam cycles
Bake only cycle with variable temperature control
Patented touch activated PDA style LCD controls screen
Patented X-tras Dispenser for adding fruits and nuts
Includes recipes and nutrition facts
Patented 10 minute fully random pause
Removable lid with see-through window
INSTANT RECALL™ power failure back up
24 hour programmable delay timer
VHS video quick start instructions
Dimensions: 14.75×11.25×17.75-in.
430 Watts


Mmmm…fresh baked bread is good. Looks to be a good price, others charge $199+.


Wow… a breadmaker… is this some kind of a joke? BOC PLEASE


Woot-tard ™ ! Definition: Someone who thinks that posting a description of tonight’s Woot on the message board (a description that was simply cut-and-pasted from the “Today’s Woot” page) entitles them to post links to their incredibly lame SPAM site. Unfortunately, Woot-tards are under the delusion that others actually appreciate their SPAM, and thus look upon themselves as champions of the Woot message board, thus thinking that they are further obligated to “humor”, “amuse”, and “entertain” fellow Wooters with never-ending posts from 1am-on, hours during which they should be sleeping, like other normal people.
But, enough of that, on to today’s Woot.
Wow! What a great Woot! What an amazing Woot!!! I am sure that no matter what this Woot is, it is Woot-i-ful! ™ They may have to put me in the Woot-arium, I am going to go crazy from how Woot-tacular this Woot is!!! (don’t you love my made up Woot words? Aren’t they witty? Aren’t they hilarious?!? Hahahahahahaha!!! You love me, you really love me!)


Oh they went there tonight…

I bet we were all expecting a BOC because it’s friday no?

:lol: :roll:


Oh this is going to be a long weekend isn’t it :?: I have to read the description, does this make the [color=green:1df9472554]Gr$$n[/color] bread I can spend too :?:


[size=18:c1f270cee3][color=brown:c1f270cee3]20 Types of Bread[/color][/size:c1f270cee3]


what the???


shall we break bread before we Woot!


I (heart) Woot… but I don’t (heart) this item… :frowning:

Better luck next week!


I love the tagline, Atkins be Damned! hahah


DOH! :roll:


huwkey huwkey huwkey!!!


breadmaker?!? isn’t that what an oven is for?!?

i shall instead call it “dust-collecter” and place it next to the excercise equipment.


mmm rye


I am ashamed to be on page 1…

wtf is up with this POS?


I don’t have the bread for this :lol:


I stayed up for it and reloaded the page; alas, I will not be buying one.

pg.1 though




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