Samsung 1080p Wi-Fi Smartcam - 2 Pack

The most reliable IP cams I’ve ever owned. They still lose connectivity occasionally but need no intervention to come back online. Learned my lesson about sticking to brand names.

I bought these cameras a few weeks back and work great. You can get cloud service with them using mysmartcamcloud dot com.

Also use Wisenet smartcam app.

Got these the last time and sold my Nest Cam. The Nest was useless without a subscription, but these cameras record to SD cards and integrate with SmartThings. At $80 for 2, it’s a no brainier.

These are great. I picked up a refurb here a while back and it works awesome. Even with SmartThings. I’m getting 2 more. Woot!

I found one of these marked “clearance” at the local Sam’s for $40, regular $80. It’s great. Two for $80 is a steal.